Saturday, December 1, 2007

Beauty In Your Own Backyard...

We have a nice backyard. It wasn't always like fact when we moved in 7 yrs ago, there was only one lonely oak tree with a wooden planter around the tree.
Now 7 yrs. later we have a large array of plants and trees all in the backyard.
Roses, irises, a wildlower cottage garden, an arbour and courtyard area...lots of wax myrrtle trees edge the property on either side.
A beautiful cypress tree, a Leyland cypress, pear trees, grape vines, and two small citrus trees, and much more.
Alot of sweat, time and love went into what makes up our backyard..and the work isn't done yet.
I think when one owns their own place..the work is never done..ha. Always something that you'd like to add to, or re -do, or fix up.
This afternoon I planted a few wildflower seeds into the cottage garden area in the bare spots.
Then I walked around with my trusty camera..capturing a few of the things in my backyard that to me..make my backyard ...beautiful!
-----------------------Daffy the Duck, who always greets us and loves being petted.
He's so beautiful now, and oh so sweet!
one of my favorite roses was blooming this afternoon! This is a variety called "Double Delight".I had recently transplanted most of my roses into a large flower bed that we are creating by our back patio. This little gem decided to start blooming today.
In the far end of the new flower bed I have planted alot of mixed chrysanthemums, many of the plants were bargain plants from our local supermarket..meaning they had all seen their better days ...and were found in the "drastically reduced for quick sale" cart. With a little extra water and a little tlc to cut off the dead parts..they bounce back quite well as shown here...and will have some "better days" in my garden area.
In the cottage garden area we still have a few blanket flowers that are putting on a show.I love how, even though it is December..they add a lovely show of cheer.
Lantana by the back deck. it actually has a lemony smell to it.
The maple tree in the midst of the new flower bed by the back door, has started changing colors on the leaves. Love how the early evening light shown through the leaves.
I hope that you'll find the time this weekend to explore your own backyard..and to enjoy the beauty there in.
Have a lovely weekend!
~The Garden Goose


Tracy said...

Oh, you still have such beauty in your yard! Our leaves have all fallen, and the flowers are LONG gone. I enjoy this time of year, too though.

Day4plus said...

Not much blooming here, either. It can be very pretty none-the-less.
My lavendar is re-blooming though. always a surprise in the garden. MB

Mary Isabella said...

Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful things in your yard. Mary

BClark said...

A kindered spirit! Even though our yard is covered with snow, I am still thinking and planning what and where to plant in the spring. I have ordered a butterfly garden which they will deliver then. I have so many plans, 7 years, yeah at least that. Yes, the double delight is a wonderful rose, Angel Face and Sterling Silver are also favorites.
Enjoy! Barbara

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Tina,
Thanks for visiting, I wished I still
lived on a farm. Your rose is beautiful, I love roses I bet your yard is just beautiful. Pinkie Denise

Cottage Collections said...

Are your flowers really blooming in December? They're just beautiful.. and daffy looks like she fits right in. How cute.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I was so happy to have you drop in on me yesterday. Thanks for sharing the photos of your backyard. It's nice to see flowers when all of ours are gone for now except I do have the pansies blooming. It was fun to hear about what you have planted in your yard since moving there. I hope you'll visit often. ~ Lynn

The Feathered Nest said...

The only thing blooming right now in this part of Georgia are some camellias so I enjoyed seeing your lovely blossoms.