Sunday, December 23, 2007

Spyware and computer woes..arggg!!

So..hubby and I spent all day long today trying to fix this computer. I was able to save my photos..hundreds of them onto an external harddrive...I'll burn cd's of them soon. I have actually more like a couple thousand photos from way back when I first started my photography back in 2004.
Anyhow silly me..I decided to try to clean up my computer last night by cleaning out my favorite websites. I made the mistake of clicking onto a children's coloring page website from the u.k. and that's when all the problems my trying to delete this website it started up a video and wouldn't stop..then the problems really computer became majorally infected with spyware and started running reaaaaaaaalllyyyyy sllloooooooow. It took all day today of running spyware and virus removal programs to try and fix it.
It is running better but I keep getting a blasted nascar news website popping up on here now..arrrggg!
I don't know how we'll wind up getting it all fixed, but at least I was able to save my photos..that was my immediate concern.
Well..if you happen to be one of my email pals that sends me a note from time to time..please do not send any forwarded messages at al to my inbox. It was pure aggravation enough to try to get most of the spyware removed..that I certainly don't want to go through it again anytime soon from a possible forward having something in it or what have you.
I do appreciate the "hey, how ya doing" regular typed notes though.:0)..but I ask that no more forwards be sent please.
I was really upset yesterday thinking that the computer may crash and all of the photos of my kids from way back..and photos of our garden and trips would be lost. Whew was I relieved that hubby was able to save those.
Gee whiz... computers and technology can be plumb aggravating sometimes! If I have a few days where I'm "missing in action" it's probably due to this computer acting up.So bear with me..we'll hopefully get it all fixed soon.
~The Garden Goose

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Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Happy you were able to save your photos and sorry about the 'puter woes, I've had them before and they are no fun. So, my wish for you is that your 'puter will get completely "cured" (or you get a new one LOL) and that you will have a very blessed Christmas.