Friday, December 7, 2007

Hello friends...

Well, yesterday hubby and I got out for a few moments, and wound up at the marina to watch the sunset.

It was an absolutely gorgeous sunset last night too. Lovely cloud formations and lovely colors and lighting.
-----------------Today I had to get some blood work done..ouch. Funny thing..removing the tape hurt worse than the needle prick did. I wish the hospitals and dr's offices wouldn't use that awful clear tape that tends to stick like duct tape and it's torture on the skin removing that stuff.Ahh well.
The little chicklets are doing fact the Americauna gal has started wanting to roost on the top of the box..We have caught her little wee self several times sitting up on the edge of the cardboard box. She is so tiny, but manages to somehow hop to the top of the box and perch on the side. So cute, as she is only about 5 inches tall..ha.
Already strutting her stuff.
Another thing that is funny, sometimes when they sleep they flatten their necks out across the floor of the box. Weird. I didn't remember ours ever doing that, back when we raised some chicks when I was a girl. When I saw the little chicklet doing that last night..I thought it had something wrong with it, but it quickly perked up and looked around as if to say"can't a gal sleep how she wants to?"..ha
I'm sharing some of the images from last nights sunset with you here. Enjoy!
May you all have a lovely evening, and a fun weekend.
~The Garden Goose~


Day4plus said...

Wow, that is a beautiful sunset. Sunrises and sunsets i realy like them and post or take a pic everytime.
I remember the chicks we raised inside the house would stretch out like you were saying and at first i thought they were dying but as you said they give you a look like......But the ones outside under the hen--never got to see them at night. MB

Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures! Love, Q

Monique @ said...

Such a beautiful sunset, thank you very much for sharing !!!