Friday, November 30, 2007

Meet "Henny Penny" and "Chicken Little"

Well, I did it again. ..Acquired some barnyard fowl.

This time for my two oldest children to hopefully be able to get involved in 4-H and showing the critters at the Fair, and also for the benefit of fresh grown eggs, and the chance to not have to pay nearly $3 a dozen for free range/organic eggs.
My initial investment for 2 sexed chickens..both hens. Was a total of $19.71. That was for the chicks being $2.25 each, plus 2 jar feeders that were about $4 each, and a 25 lb bag of starter feed that was about $7.
2 hens will eventually provide close to 5 dozen eggs per month.
The feed is only about a $7 cost per month for them.Plus they'll free range and also get kitchen scraps to feed upon.
And my kids will have a great learning experience.
O.k. So..I know you want to see pictures of the little warm fuzzies and you shall not be disappointed.
This is "Henny Penny" She is an Ameracauna. She has odd markings and it looks like she will wind up having the little ear tufts near the sides of her eyes.Can't tell for sure yet, but it looks like her feathers are wanting to tuft out a bit. She was the prettiest chick I could find ..markings wise.. out of the batch at the feed store.Her eggs will be a greenish-blue or bluish color,or a pinkish color. (I'm hoping for a bluish color actually, we shall see.

And this is "Chicken Little". She is a Buff Orpington. And will remain a yellowish/golden color. And will lay brown eggs.
In about 6 months from now our little gals will begin laying their first eggs. They will grow quickly.
I hope that you all have had a lovely day today.
We did and the children really loved getting to meet their new pets.

Have a lovely evening! Thanks for visiting with me in "blog land"
~The Garden Goose~


2 LMZ FARMS said...

OH MY GOSH, how sweet are they!!!! Your kids are going to have a blast. Now, are you ready for some goats? Girl, I can hook you up on I was in 4-H growing up and my kids were and still are. It's such a wonderful club for kids and even adults. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, they're adorable, Tina. I used to have all kinds of banties around here for some time. I loved Silkies the most. They're like live powder puffs. My last pet Silkie hen, Chicklet, went to chicken heaven at the age of ten, just this past summer. Your kids are going to enjoy the chickens.



BClark said...

They are adorable, I can just hear those little peeps. In the spring I am getting some, the idea of freah eggs from happy chickens is wonderful. I am busy reading all I can find so I can make good choices. I already have printed out plans for a portable coop. Best of luck with your girls. What lukcy children to have such a great Mom.

Aunt Jenny said... sweet! I just love new baby animals..I need new hens next year (not that the old ones will leave..just need to add new layers) and will no doubt order some chicks..the little ones are jus so cute!! Have fun with them!!!

Cathy said...

My heart just wrapped around this amazing picture of the baby chick. I just love these photos.