Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm Back...

Had a nice time in Thomasville, Ga the past couple of days.
We had gone up to the Thomasville,GA Victorian Christmas Event and to spend an early Christmas celebration with some family members.
Well..the Victorian event wasn't what we expected..there was alot of food vendors and loads of folks strolling around, a few dressed in Victorian wear.
I suppose I was expecting something more along the lines of a shopping/craft/artist wares type event and merchant sidewalk sales. But it was mostly food vendors..a few choral/musical groups/musicians...and an outdoor marshmallow roast that the kids and big kids alike enjoyed.
Carriage rides, mini train rides.
One sad thing we learned was that on the evening we attended the of the carriage horses suffered an aneurysm and took off running straight for the landmark Big oak, ran into the oak tree(a 400 yr. old landmark) died.:0( There was a little boy in the carriage that wound up getting a cut from having been in the carriage at the time the horse took off like it did..
It could have been worse of course.
Anyhow..I do have some photos to share.

We also had an early Christmas celebration with our family members that live in Thomasville. We also visited several area shops.

During our 2nd day in Thomasville, we took a drive out to the Flowers Bakery Christmas light display/drive through. Oh my! what a spectacular display of lights! I have never seen so many lights in a Christmas display in my was splendid.

On the way home we stopped off at Bainbridge,GA and popped into an antique shop, and walked around the town square park taking photos, and also taking photos of some of the Victorian homes and porches.

After that we took some pictures of some old farm houses and barns.

We stopped off in Quincy,FL and got even more images of Victorian style homes and porches.

Our last stop was a place called the Dead Lakes in Wewahitchika,FL.(an area of lake that has hundreds upon hundreds of cypress stumps and cypress trees)it looks like something from the Jurassic era.

First up..I'll share photos of the Victorian event.

To the right> an air operated Calliope that played player piano rolls, and provided some of the music at the Victorian event. A lovely machine!

We also stopped in a taxidermy shop in Thomasville. Very nice items, well...dead animals/stuffed in there..but well done.
I always have liked this dog statue shown above, which sits
outside the door of one of Thomasville's little shops.
Next of the Flower's Bakery Christmas Light Display.
~The Garden Goose~

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