Monday, December 24, 2007

everything seems to be fine....

everything seems to be working better again now with the computer. uggh..what a hassle though. My hubby had to reformat my computer and when he did so..alot of things were of which was my favorites folder. Ahh well..I was in the process of reducing it drastically anyhow..ha..Hubby just made it that much easier for me. ..haha.

Now I get to start the New Year with a totally clean slate on my computer..literally.

I did manage to be able to keep all of my photos though..sheew..thank goodness! yay! That was my main concern really was to be able to save those.

And to think that all of this hassle started because of a childrens coloring book page from another country..gee whiz! I had no idea that the coloring page would then be embedded with spyware and malicious viruses that would try to wreak havoc with my computer..and I had tried to delete the page too because I had more than plenty home education websites. Well..all of my good home education websites are gone too now..and I'm talking nearly 9 yrs of collecting homeschooling websites to share with others.

Ahh I said..this new year will definitely be a clean slate..ha.

I had wanted to start simplifying my life..and that included majorally cleaning up the computer/computer favorites as well..what better way than to be forced to do so? hee hee hee.

It's actually funny when I think about it. Wasn't funny when I was worried about losing all of the photos of the kids though...but in terms of having wanted to simplify and it being done for me on my computer..well..that's actually a bit comical. That means I don't have to sit here going through the websites to see if they are keepers anymore or not.With what happened I was actually able to save loads of time on here. So...was the virus/spyware such a bad thing after all?...well..yes and the grand scheme of what I wanted to get accomplished...
it was Sort of like having a maid do it all for

Now if only that would happen with all the cleaning and dusting and thinning out around here in the rooms of my home..I'd have it made.
Aww well..I think I'd be pushing my luck on that part of things though...ha.
It's a nice Christmas eve evening..a good bit chilly outside.
Had a nice cup of cocoa this evening...ghirardelli's don't ya know..but of course..good stuff.:0)
Seems to go together well with a slice of peanut butter toast..sort of like a reeses peanut butter cup, but not quite as sugary.:0)
Tomorrow afternoon I'll be baking a ham for our Christmas dinner. And we'll have some veggies on the side..haven't decided yet what type of veggies, but it'll be healthy stuff though. ..something green I'm sure..ha.
Depending upon how cold it winds up being outside..we may put a log in the fireplace and snuggle up on the rug together.
A very Merry Christmas to you and yours.
~The Garden Goose~

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