Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tribute To Tasha Tudor

At age 92 Tasha Tudor(born Starling Burgess) has passed away today.

She was a beloved book author/ illustrator.

Creating awesome illustrations of such things as corgi's in the garden, children at play and much more.

Her style was likened to that of other famous women illustrators such as Beatrix Potter and Kate Greenaway.

I have been fortunate to own a few Tasha Tudor books and I can tell you..they have some absolutely wonderful illustrations in them.Some of the best children's illustrations I have ever seen..once I saw them I was hooked. Unfortunately I am sad to say..I don't have a very large collection of her work..I wish that I truly they are a delight to look at.

Tasha touched the hearts of many with her art work and life style.

Choosing to live a simple life uncumbered by the things that can tie down modern society..she chose to dress mostly in 1800's style attire and to carry on her life in a simple mannner without a whole lot of what we call "modern convenience".

But live a long and prosperous life she did..and she was an inspiration to many.

~The Garden Goose~


Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,
I loved tasha tudor. I have all her cookbooks.
Thanks for the heads up about the bison. I plan to order some today.

SimpleFolk said...

I was sad to hear of Tasha's passing. I know she lived a long and wonderful life, but it is difficult to say good bye to such an amazing woman. Her books will be even more treasured to me now. Thank you for the lovely tribute.


meg said...

Oh, that's too bad; I would have like to have met her, but I glad to know she led a full, rich life on her own terms.

Kelly Maria said...

Hi Miford Pal!!
I loved Tasha Tudor, what a unique lady!
I have really enjoyed your blog & the online magazine! It is great to find others who share the same interests etc.. especially homeschooling. I have been doing that for 13 years!
I would love to invite you to visit my blog! I have added you to my list of "Kindred Spirits" -blogs I visit. Hope that is okay?
Blessings~ Kelly
a*k*a* KRamsey on the Mitford BB

Tracey said...

She was such an incredible woman! Wonder who'll end up with her corgis?

Tara said...


Not sure i know her but that is the great thing about blogging, you learn about great people!

The Feathered Nest said...

Thanks so much sweet Tina for your sweet wishes on our sale!! I do hope that you sell all your goodies....and the weather is nice for you! I'll look but don't think so about the hankies ~ take care sweetie!!
xxoo, dawn

sheeri said...

Oh no! This is the first I've read of Tasha Tudor's passing. How sad. It was always a tiny, impossible dream of mine to meet her by chance one day.

Terra Hangen said...

Yes, I will miss her, too; such a true lady, as revealed in her writing and illustrations.
I have her book Tasha Tudor's Garden, full color glossy photos of her home on a rural and remote hill.
She created a paradise of gardens, as you can see in the book, and cooked on a wood stove and it sounds like she led a fulfilled life.
A wonderful role model for all of us.

Debbie said...

Hi Tina....I also collect Tasha's books and even have one of her signed prints that I finally gave over and bought last I'm so glad that I did! Her lifestyle has been such an inspiration to me, and to many others too I'm sure. Thanks for posting a tribute to her on your blog.


Melissa's Cozy Teacup said...

It's so sad not to have her contributions anymore, but how lovely to know how much she was loved.