Friday, June 20, 2008

First Day of Summer's "official" ..according to the calendar... today is the "First day of Summer"
Luckily the evenings still have been somewhat bearable, but yes..the a/c cranks along nearly all day long here in sunny Florida.

With temps fluctuating between upper 80's to low 90's I could have told you that summer was here nearly a month ago! ..but..according to the calendar it has just now "arrived"
I wanted to share a few "summer time...and the living is easy" type photos with you today.
I hope that you enjoy them.
The little duckling is of "Marigold" our pet crested Peking duckling that we got on April 18th of this year..she is shown again in the full grown duck image taken about a week ago...well....she just started laying eggs today..daughter found an egg next to her chicken eggs under the fern today...guess at 2 months old "Miss Marigold" is already ready to start laying eggs..which is rather unusual as our other ducks we owned did not start laying eggs until they were 6 months old! The other odd thing about "Miss Marigold" is that unlike our other female peking ducks we owned..she does not quack..she makes a low noise, like a low peep/quack..very quiet sounding.
Anyhow..wanted to share a photo of her with you all.

Our cottage garden is overflowing with coreopsis and gloriosa daisies right is a big burst of bright sunny colored flowers right now..lovely!
Also the collage image is one that I recently created and that went to live with Mary Jane Butters of "Mary Jane's Farm". I had a lot of fun creating it from vintage looking farm scenery.'s to the "First Day of Summer"! I hope you all enjoy the photos.
~The Garden Goose~


Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) Happy Summer to you, too! I love the pic of the bee on the yellow flower. Love, Q

Jeanie said...

Happy Summer! Gorgeous photos and Miss Marigold is quite the goose!