Thursday, June 5, 2008

Butterflies Galore

Do you love butterflies?

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Aren't they just gorgeous!
I hope that you all are having a lovely week thus's Almost the weekend..and I want to wishj you all a lovely weekend.
Today I went to our towns new library..and went to the book sale room..was able to find a couple of older vintage type kids books.
Then went to an old book store and found some other vintage kids books..and in amongst those an older copy of "The Story of Ferdinand"
I absolutely loved the story of Ferdinand the bull when I was a kid..I loved the illustrations in the book.
Some of the books I found today have absolutely gorgeous illustrations.
Fun! Fun!
I will have to scan some in later and use them in art work.
I am hoping that when we find our new home that I am able to create a small crafting area...somewhere in the house for myself to be able to do all the fun crafting things I envision.
Worked on doing a bit more clear out today.
Not much as it was really hot in the garage where I was trying to straighten up a few things.
Well..that's the latest here.
Have a beautiful day.
~The Garden Goose~


Jeanie said...

Hi, Tina! What good finds at the library sale! I love children's books.

The print arrived yesterday. Waiting for me when I got home! I'm going to try to post and link this weekend! Thank you!

Ann Marie Newman said...

The new library is open!?! WAHOO! Awesome. I never thought it would happen. They put it in the wrong location though. It should have had a more central location. When I visit the area again, I will check it out. This summer, I will be doing storytelling programs for 20 different Dallas libraries. The city has 26 libraries! I'm also doing programs for other surrounding town libraries. Today, I've worked on putting together an improv workshop for elementary kids next Tuesday in the town of Garland. One mother approached me at the museum and said her son's first grade class was going to be there and he was so excited. WHAT!?! How many kids am I going to have? I'm a wee bit worried. This whole summer is freaking me out, but by golly, they called me for the programs, I didn't call them, so that is something right?

It is so exciting to read about your eventual move to central FL.

Tell me, is the new library satisfactory?

p.s. I made the best rhubarb strawberry pie today. Got the recipe off of a website that is all about rhubarb. yummy!

Melissa's Cozy Teacup said...

Hey! I too loved Ferdinand the Bull. poor thing just wanted to sniff the flowers. Another fav., mostly for the art work, is The Fisherman Under the Sea. A lovely Japanese themed story about being happy with what you have.
have a wonderful weekend!