Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A little ""...

Was tagged by Melissa of "Melissa's Cozy Tea Cup" and the game is to answer the following 4 questions about yourself:

10 years ago what were you doing?:
I was homeschooling my only child at the time, and hoping for another child.I was living in a rental home at the time. out in the country..a trailer that when it got very, very hot in the summer..scorpions would come into the house..blecckkk.

5 things on my list today: hahahahaha..5 things on my list has wayy more than 5 things on it to have to get done...I'll get to it..maybe today..maybe next week..but trust's too long of a list to start writing about here..things to get done to get the house on market.
o.k. seriously: keep the kids from killing each other,
keep the kids a little quieter when they are inside and dad is working,bathe and groom Collin,make a good dinner for family this evening,drink my water today(I tend to not drink enough water and wind up getting a bit dried out/dehydrated feeling trying to rehydrate)hmm...and whatever else I can think of to get accomplished..I'm a do it as it needs doing type of gal..and don't really make lists unless they are large projects needing doing...I just typically work and do as I go about the day.

Snacks I enjoy: hmmm let's see...skittles, chocolate, strawberries,dry cereal sometimes

Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
Travel to the following places: Italy, Spain,France, Ireland,Germany, Russia,Switzerland...just to start
Help hubby with his business.
Start a business..probably a photography business
Invest some
Pay off a house.
Set some aside for kids.
Save rest for a rainy day.
And when the business/businesses started doing well/better..I'd probably hire some help and then travel some more from time to time.

That's it..I have to tag 4 folks ...but instead of putting 4 folks "on the spot"...I am leaving it open to whoever wants to play..can play..if you'd like to do a little "me,me" on your blog..please do...and have fun!
~The Garden Goose~

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Jeanie said...

It's such fun to get to know more about you! I love learning about my blog buddies! (The cake recipe looks great! I love coconut.)