Monday, June 16, 2008

Pretty in Yellow...

I love yellow fact I love the color is such a cheery, sunshiney color..but in just never ceases to make me smile when I see a bright sunny colored flower.

This week I had a gladiola flower blooming in my yard, and I could see it outside my kitchen window,but after about a day or two and some rain...the gladiola flowers started leaning way over and had fallen to the ground. So, in they came to grace a vase on the kitchen counter.
But I wanted to share with you all what they look like.
Yes, I'll have to dig up the bulb to save for later, as they are just so beautiful.
The details are just exquisite..I love looking at the beauty in nature..and capturing it on camera.
I hope that these bright cheery beauties have brought a smile to your face today.
~The Garden Goose~

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