Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Clearing it out...

Everything from a nice Italian leather a set of burlwood coffee tables a brand new fish bowl with gravel and plants... to a brand new aqua colored bird cage a tall velvet dressed snow lady door greeter.. to gourds for crafts... to a like new breadmaker... to a brand new large suitcase on a red and yellow striped wooden bar stool...

to...o.k.! ...o.k!...I know! I know!..

it's just a lot of stuff to go through!

...and oh my! has been hot outside too!...too much to price out there!'m just not gonna do it.Nope..not gonna do it!

After looking at this stuff on and off for a week of sorting it out and getting things ready I'm just not going to sit out there and price every little thing.
I'll price the larger stuff then the small stuff folks can ask me about.

I figure if they want it bad enough they can ask huh? yeah..sounds like a plan.

I just hope that they'll take this stuff far away from my house..never to be seen again...ahhh that's the plan..and it sounds like a good one.

Do I sound burnt out by looking at all this stuff or what? yep...I kinda sorta am..I get tired of seeing it I will be so glad when we have our sale hopefully on Saturday..and most of it hopefully will find new homes.
What doesn't sell... will of course be hauled to a donation center.

But, I'm hoping that I make enough to:

1. buy some necessary paint to paint a few areas in the house needing it

2. be able to buy little Mr. Collin a set of grooming clippers

3. "if" I have any left over..set some aside for a "rainy day"

We've had rain for the last few days on and I am hoping that Saturday brings with it some clear skies.

We'll see.
With this huge clear out..I am starting to learn a bit more about myself..really I am...
I'm starting to learn that most everything I owned in my home wasn't really "my style"..some of it was...but a lot of it honestly... wasn't.
Ouch! ...whoa!..what a realization!
In my clear out I found myself gravitating more towards the older things that I had either been given years ago...or had collected along the way.

Things like vintage doilies, vintage hankies,vintage purses, vintage wooden dutch shoes, vintage hats, vintage images from the 20's or 1800's or somewhere in between.

Things in colors of vivid reds, vivid yellows, aquas.
The few things that actually make me smile..and weren't/aren't what one can find at Wal-Mart , but are all mostly found at either antique malls or estate sales.

I dare say..things with a good bit of character to them..and that show their wear.

Things that have a bit of a story to tell..if they could talk that is.
And also things that were family my collection of doilies from my grandmother, a set of dutch shoes from my dad,a set of bright yellow flower shaped cups and saucers from my mom..things like that.

Those are the types of things that my new house shall have.

Things with a "story to tell"..even if I have to make up the story..ha.
I've found myself drawn to bright cheery colored hankies as of late..and want to collect them in bright reds with flowers..particularly roses...and yellow colored hankies with roses,as well as aqua colored hankies.

I have a small collection so far..but it is a small one..and what I really want to be able to do at the new to create valances using sets of vintage hankies -----------------------
I have plans to use absolutely darling and bright colors in my new kitchen...that I hope to have in a 50's type theme...

...with bright yellows and reds with a mix of aquas in there as well.

I have a set of canisters reserved for myself..for my kitchen counter that will have bright yellow but..with the cutest strutting roosters on them..they are adorable..

I've been looking at vintage pyrex bowls also in bright colors.
So...the clearing out of the old has begun..and the planning ahead and the dreaming of the new..has started.
I think it will be a fun journey.
I'm up to the challenge.
~The Garden Goose~

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Wanda said...

Good luck on your garage sale. I hope it goes better than my last one. I made a whooping $67 and busted my ass getting ready for it. Oy. At least the church thrift store had a good haul to work with afterwards. :) Don't stress too much about it. I got the tag yesterday...thank you.