Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big clean out begins..

Well..we've been cleaning out and gathering things here and there for a huge garage sale/and an upcoming "redding house for market"

...and I know now that the "big clean out" begins... once I have hubby on board..ha.

At first I'd walk by him and ask him.."so..do ya wanna get rid of such and such.." and the answer would be.."well..I think we need to hold onto that for now".

...and I'd get a wee bit frustrated because after all we are "supposed" to be clearing out things..not holding on to them just "cause".

So tonight all of the sudden he comes into the room with a huge arm load of movies from the living room saying to me..." oh... we just cleaned out all of the movies, and your right..we need to start clearing out a bunch of stuff, I'll get better at helping with that"

Woohoo! ..that means with hubby on board the clean out will go so much smoother.

The hesitation is no longer there/we have turned the corner ..and entered into the in the realm of "oh sure..we don't need that"..ha.

So..our major clear out has now turned a corner.

yeehaw..our job just got easier!!

(if you are a married gal..you know exactly what I am talking about and where I am coming from..ha)
So..we are aiming to have that garage sale next weekend..weather permitting.

This evening I had to clear off the large counter in garage the rest of the way..then start sorting through things.

Whew...it's going to be a huge sale.

Will be so nice though to clean and clear out.
Hope you all are having a great week.

~The Garden Goose~
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