Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today's Adventures...

Well..this morning oldest daughter and I decided that we'd try to have another garage sale here today..note that key word "try".

Well..we rose and shone at 6:30 this morning after it had rained a fair amount at about 4:30.. 7 it looked like the skies would be quite clear and we'd be good to we drug everything out of the garage yet once again..and well..suffice it to say that it was our worst garage sale day ever!

We made a whopping $5! ...haha.

After sitting in the heat for a couple of hours with no more than 4 vehicles stopping came the thunder and dark clouds rolling in very fast out of what had just a few minutes earlier been clear skies! There we were rushing to clear everything away into bags and into the back of the van... because..I'm not going to go through all of this again anytime soon!

And we rushed to put the leather sofa and coffee tables back into the garage.

We didn't get the couch and coffee tables sold, but there is for those.

We filled up the back of our van with the remainders and hauled it to a thrift shop close by.

It was a garage sale "dud" day..and to top it off it was so very, very hot and humid out.

We certainly had the "southern glow" going on today after all..southern women do not sweat you know..they simply "glow"..ha.
I can gladly say though that after garage is now getting back to a clean state..I can actually see a floor now in my garage..whereas last weekend it was getting rather difficult to manuever around out there..ha.

I now see the light at the end of the tunnel... and my garage is starting to be cleared out quite a bit now.


So..the day wasn't all a dud....true the garage sale was a major least I did get rid of just about everything...just not exactly how I had anticipated..I had anticipated a little change in my pocket..but..the bottom line is it needed clearing out one way or another..and this time it just happened to be the "another way". I'm sure that the folks at the thrift shop are grateful for the new inventory for their shop, because we certainly supplied them with quite a few items.
I was able to get "Mr. Collin" a set of doggy grooming clippers last weekend..and today he got a nice bath.. and he got a good clipping/grooming.He was quite the patient little fellow.

He looks all nice and spiffy now. I'll have to get a photo soon.

He loves his bath time, but of course isn't too fond of the sound that the clippers fact they kind of scare him, but he stands real still and allows us to make him look all handsome.

Oh, and a good report..he does not nip anymore. The solution to that..get him a frisbee and let him play with it in the evenings and play tug with him..and roll the frisbee across the floor for fetch..he just needed a funner toy to chew on..of course he had one of those rope chewy toys, but he didn't like it..but he adores his frisbees!
Well... do you remember the little carnival clown pins in the previous post? Well..I've been looking for some more fun vintage clown/circus themed items that will go on the shelf with the little clown pins(in our new home)...and found something that many of us will probably remember...
one of the old Fisher Price Jalopy toys!..this little guy will sit on the shelf next to the clown toss/bowling pins.

I plan on finding a few circus poster type images to add to the theme.
When I found the with the auction was a cute bee pull toy.

I'm not sure exactly where I will wind up displaying her, but who knows? ..maybe I'll create a little bee themed vignette with her?

The good thing about the little things that I have found recently is that..they are "little" things...and as such they do not take up much room...
and I have been storing them in the drawers of my buffet in my dining room for now.
Anyhow...I know now that my new home will be filled with color/whimsy/and a little taste of nostalgia..with plenty of fun tossed in.
Thanks for joining me once again in "blogland"! It was a pleasure to have you stop by....please do leave me a comment so that I know you stopped by for a visit. I do so love to hear from you all.
~The Garden Goose~


La Tea Dah said...

I'm sorry about the yard sale, errr, lack of customers -- but I'm glad you were able to get rid of everything anyway. Someone will be blessed by your things.

I love the little pull toys. I remember --- I had a bee just like you have --- when I was a little girl. I'd forgotten about it.

:) LaTeaDah

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Just dropping in to check on ya. HOpe you and yours have a blessed day.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Tina, I hate that about your sale, it rained here last weekend and I ended up donated about half of my items! It is a relief when you've finally cleaned the garage out ~ hope you have a wonderful week! xxoo, Dawn

SimpleFolk said...

Hi Tina~

Just stopping in to say hello. :-)Sorry about your sale! The weather here has been much the same--hot, sticky, and pop up storms every afternoon. It makes it quite difficult to get much done outside! Hope you are enjoying your summer so far. I can't believe how quickly it's flying by!


Jeanie said...

Oh, dear! Well, at least you tried -- which is more than I've been able to motivate myself to do! And believe me, there is much to go! (And, you got some taken away as well -- that's good.) I admire your energy!

The toys are wonderful. I'll keep my eyes out for some here, though I've not really noted any!