Friday, June 13, 2008

Mail Fun..

Had some fun mail yesterday..thanks to Wanda at "The Rat's Pajamas"

Wanda had held a giveaway on her blog..and after the giveaway she asked for everyone's address that had entered her drawing..and she sent us all a little in effect everyone won!
It was definitely above and beyond on her part to be so generous and sweet to all of us.
Thank you Wanda!
Wanda sent me a cute package filled with all kinds of bits and baubles to create fun tags.

Isn't this just so fun looking? Bits of fairy images and little snippets of fabrics, and buttons and glitteries.

Fun! fun! for someone that enjoys making collages :0)

Well..the clean out..clear out fact I'm supposed to be out working in my garage right now ..fer shame..fer shame..ha..
It's so amazing when you put your mind to doing a thorough clean out/clear out..just how much stuff you can actually
We are hoping to have our garage sale next weekend if the weather permits..if it doesn't..of course the following weekend then.
Well...I had even more fun mail today..remember when I shared the photos of the cute things I had found on etsy? Well..most of it came in today..and it is all so darling . I just love that little puppy statue I is absolutely adorable..and so much cuter in person.
I know..I know...I'm supposed to be clearing out..not gathering things..ha...but...but...this is just so cute and whimsical and fun....
I am getting rid of everything that I no longer wish to decorate with..and that means I am going for a totally different style and look for the new I saw these items..well.....I snagged them..can ya blame me?
I wanted to make sure I'd be the owner of them for in my new home..see..isn't that excuse enough??...ha.A girl's gotta plan ahead and get the goods when the gettings good.:0)...ha
I want to thank you for stopping by for a visit.
Here's wishing you all a lovely weekend!

~The Garden Goose~


BellaColle' said...

ooh...I just love it when I get fun goodies in the mail...
looks like you recieved wonderful treasures!
Have a great weekend.

Tara said...


Nice things for you--I know you'll use them all!

Jeanie said...

Wow -- were those tags for the "also rans" or for everyone -- that's a ton of work! Lovely!

I know what you mean about the sale and finding these things. I'm so very bad at paring down. I just keep adding and that's not so good. Maybe this summer I can make a bit of a dent...who am I kidding?