Monday, June 23, 2008

Garage Sale Report and more...

Well..Saturday's Garage Sale went pretty well...considering that we only sat out there for 3 hrs..

we started at 7 a/m. and closed shop at 10:30 due to it getting very overcast and thundering a bit.
We cleared about $250 for just 3 hrs..but wow! was it hot outside though.
I've posted an ad to hold the garage sale one more weekend..this coming weekend we'll drag everything back out again... and hopefully do pretty good the big items did not sell this time and we still have quite a bit left to clear out.
And yes....I kinda..sorta...went shopping again..o.k. o.k...I DID go shopping"Guilty your honor"..:0)
But..these were some items I had tagged for the new house..and luckily everything is small items..but with a "punch".
I think they'll look great in the new decor.And..since they are little..they honestly won't take up much room when I go to pack up everything. Right now I'm tucking everything into my buffet I have in my dining room..and so far I still have a little bit of room to tuck a few things in there for storage for items slated for the new house.
O.k...o.k...I know ya wanna see my goodies huh?
And yes, I'll show them to you and describe why I got them and what room I plan on using them in.
o.k....the little matador and the vintage bull fighting advertisements will be displayed in a vignette with a vintage "Ferdinand the Bull" book.
I will set these items on a small table that will have a spanish style table cloth on it.
Not sure yet where this display will go..but that is the idea for the vignette...and how I plan to display these items.
Then I found 3 vintage doll in red(shown), one in blue, then one with a yellow vest on it..anyhow these will be displayed in my little girl's room..I plan to find old picture frames without a backing or glass and paint them in a solid color..and "frame" the little dresses on their hangers in little "frames"..the seller that I bought the dresses from just informed me that I'll have to find 4 frames not 3 since she is tucking in an additional dress..ha.
Meet "the Duke"..he'll be displayed on a table with a rose print table the "rose room"...the living room is going to be my "Victorian" rose themed room..with lots of red roses with yellow accents and aqua accents.The "duke" will be displayed on a small table.
Then I found these...

Clown bowling guess is that these were used in a carnival toss game..these whimsical guys will be used as a display on a shelf in the kitchen/dining room area.They will probably have a few other circus themed items joining them on the shelf.
And last, but not least..a set of vintage canisters that will go in my 1950's themed kitchen..I pln on having lots of reds and cheery yellows in that room..with a few images of vintage fruit crate labels on the wall..and just lots of cheery/fun/whimsical items..but when I came across these canisters..they made me smile..and the colors were perfect!
So...that's my little shopping excursion lately..via
My new house will feature a lot of vintage and fun items. I no longer will be decorating with things that can easily be found at wally world ...I figure that I'd rather pay a few dollars more for something fun and whimsical that has a bit of history and character..than to have items "just because" ...I'd much rather prefer things with a bit of whimsy and a story to tell..if they could talk that is..:0) And these items I must say certainly make me smile a lot more than anything I've ever found at wally world.
~The Garden Goose~


Tara said...


You made out well in 3 hours--250 is nothing to sneeze at!

amy said...

wow! you got some fun stuff!

Jeanie said...

Yikes! You did fabulous in three hours! I'd be lucky to pull in $50 for the day!

Love your fun finds, especially those adorable bowling pins! Cheers!

meg said...

I agree~ you did awesome for a whole day, let alone just 3 hours.
I love your little treasures- the doll dresses in frames is a terrific idea!

La Tea Dah said...

Tina, I love your doll dress idea! I have some doll dresses from my childhood (doll is gone. . .) and I think this would be such a cute way to display them (the frames you described). Some of mine are Barbie doll outfits my mother sewed and crocheted. They have tiny buttons and would be so cute displayed this way. I need to go search my boxes --- great idea! Thank you! I look forward to seeing your completed projects when they are done.

Jojo said...

Love the treasures you found! How fun! Somewhere on a bookshelf I also have a vintage Ferdinand book. I never thought of using it for display. Also, the idea of framing the doll dresses is wonderful. I just found a box of my old doll dresses last night and was wondering what to do with them. Very creative!