Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Soap and more...

Well, I posted some new items over on my etsy site. Some really cute organic unscented soaps.Aloe and oatmeal.
I had some soaps and they were tiny bars, and I decided..why not bundle them into little primitive/country looking little bundles of 3 and present them in these really cute ceramic baskets that are also tied with gingham cloth.
(If they matched my bathroom, I'd definitely have one of these baskets in there, but my bathroom is floral themed.(one bathroom with orchid wallpaper/the other is rose themed)
But anyhow..these adorable baskets are over at my etsy site at for only $ $4.50 shipping/total of $11.50..they include 5 mini bundles of soaps(that's 15 tiny hand size soaps/about the size that they have in the hotel soaps) These would make a really cute gift or would be great in a guest bath.and when the soap is gone the basket can be used to hold a nice plant.I also created some nice handpainted lavender sachets that would be great either hanging on a linen closet door or in a closet to scent your clothing.
Each one is different, no pattern used on them, just what I felt to paint at the time.Those are at the shop for $6.50 each. They did take a bit of time to both sew and to handpaint.
Ok. that's my little advertising spill of the day:0)
Today I worked on getting notices emailed out about the new issue of "Small Town Living" being available online for reading now.

It is taking me a bit longer as I have a new email address and none of the emails had been moved from my old account over to my new one, so I have also been typing in the emails to have them in my new database.
A bit time consuming.
I'm sure there must have been an easier way to do things, but I haven't figured all of this computer techy stuff out yet.
ahh well.
The new issue has articles on rain barrels, and edible landscapes, mini cattle and more.
It is so enjoyable to help with the production of each issue.Would be terrific to see it on news stands one day.
Today marked one year that I had been posting comments onto the Mary Jane's farm forum. My goodness I had 2,275 comments on there..had no idea I was such a jabbery thing..LOL
I do enjoy learning and sharing things with others though...and have met some nice folks through it.
These beauties have started popping up in my cottage garden!
Aren't they just lovely?
I had been given a plant of them last summer by an elderly woman, and after a bunch of rain...well the plants went all moldy and mildewed on me and died, but they had the flower heads remaining on the dead twigs,
... so in the fall I went ahead and gathered the seeds, not thinking that they would grow after what the main plant had gone through
... so I just tossed the seeds into the cottage garden and decided that if they grew ...well, I'd be surprised.
And surprised I have been..I have about 4 of these plants growing in the cottage garden now!
I absolutely love them!
I am drawn like a bee to honey when it comes to yellow flowers..I find them to be so very warm and cheerful and they just have a terrific way of brightening a day.
This type is called "Gloriosa Daisy"
I am going to make a point to gather seeds from the flowers again this year as I definitely want tons of these cheerful plants growing in my yard.

Well, let's see..tonight's dinner for my crew was ranch style breaded porkchops with broccoli florets and sweet potaoes sprinkled with cinnamon as the side dishes.Dessert was a mix of mandarin orange fluff.

Mandarin Orange Fluff:

1 large can mandarin oranges in juice/cold and undrained

1 pkg instant sugar free lemon flavor pudding mix

4 large tablespoons frozen whipped topping

Blend all together and serve in dessert dishes.

Cool and refreshing.


Well, that's all for today.Have a great evening.

~The Garden Goose~


Elizabeth said...

Hi Tina,
How pretty. Yes I thought you were a quiet person andd I find out you are a chatty kathy. LOL Remember those dolls?

GardenGoose said...

I'd heard of the chatty Kathy dolls but they were I think before my time. I was born in 68.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

You amaze me with your creative side. Those are tooooo cute. Where do you find time to do all that? Maybe I need classes on how to manage my time. If I would stay off of the pc and out of MJF I might could get things done. Naw, thing I will stay where I'm at and do those things the next
Have a good one.

Nancy Jo said...

How cute the things you are selling are, you are a pretty handy girl. Thanks for stopping by my site, you say such nice things.
One year on the MJ site, time goes right along doesn't it? And I must say that is a lot of posts.