Thursday, May 10, 2007

A new etsy more...

Today I worked on sorting out my new email , and trying to figure out how to transfer about 400 email addresses over to the new email address.
Ughh...something else to get figured out.
I'll get it accomplished though.
I played "secretary" a bit this afternoon too.
Recieved a call from one of our "Small Town Living" magazine article contributors today.The next issue wil have some fun things in it.
Then had to answer a few calls in regards to our sign business work.Seems the phone was ringin' quite a bit..but that's good for business no complaints.
Then I added an item to my new etsy shop this evening.
A pretty rose colored glass beaded necklace.
I'll be crafting some more items like the necklace and pinkeep soon.
Tonight for dinner I made something rather fast and easy,
a Southern easy "one pot" eyed peas, brown rice and polish sausage cooked all together in one pot.Nothing real fancy..ha.
I have a bunch of sweet potato plants needing planted now..we have a flat of about 40 of them..but I have to get a tiller rented and an area by the side fence tilled up.
Hopefully that project can be tackled this weekend.
My thornless blackberry canes (I planted 3 of them at the end of March) are finally putting forth some pretty good sprouts up from the base of the canes. When I planted them, they looked like simple straight brown sticks..but now they are starting to grow pretty good..took them a little while, but hopefully by next summer we shall have blackberries.(blackberry cobbler and jam..oooh yum!)
I also have 9 canes of raspberries that have started putting forth growth. year we should see something from these plantings.(raspberry jam and raspberry sauce..ooh yum!)
I will try to share with you all an image of what is happening with our pear tree..seems this year it is putting out its largest crop ever. The tree is a young one..we have only had it planted for about 4 yrs..but this year we have about 2 dozen baby pears on the tree..last year we only had about 5 pears total.
This year a good crop shall be had from it..hopefully.
But I will try to get a shot of the baby pearlets tomorrow.I like making a chunky pear sauce from them..alot like the Cracker Barrel style "fried apples".
We also have teeny tiny baby grapes on the vines too..we have Niagara grapes. We should see a nice harvest from that by September..again if all goes well.(meaning if the birds do not devour them all first)
I have some daylilies starting to put forth flower buds now.
I have a HUGE plant of daylilies in a pot in the courtyard area out back..and if memory serves is from a start from a 65 yr. old daylily bulbs that a farmgal friend named Babs(over at Mary Jane's Farm) gave to me last year.
My husband joked that if I killed that plant after it had survived in Babs family for 65 yrs..that surely I would have committed a federal offense..ha.Anyhow..this plant is HUGE..and is fixing to bloom any day now.
I have no idea what color it will that will be something fun to share with you all.
Well..that is all of my ramblings on for today.
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~

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