Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dizzy busy...


It's been a bit hectic here lately..things that it seems only mom can do..have been keeping me pretty busy the last 2 days.

I had a day full of errand running yesterday..hubby was home with sinus stuff, so I had errands to run..

drop off completed wholesale signage orders to a company across town(we do wholesale full color vinyl graphics for a couple of sign companies in town that do not have the type of full color equipment we do)

then it was to the feed store for duck food

To Kmart for copy machine paper and tissue

To the post office to mail packages

to the fruit stand for produce


Then afterwards the normal cooking dinner, straightening up the house.

Then today..I have been working all day on sorting/choosing samples of my daughter's school work to be included into her "end of year" student portfolio that will be evaluated on Monday by a State Certified teacher.(we home educate 2 of our children)

It is a bit time consuming..and I always do a very thorough job, and type the cover sheets and other information up very neatly....but no matter how organized I am during the school year..it always is a bit of work picking and choosing what to show for evaluation...and I never fail to get myself just a wee bit stressed about it...ha.

(I have to compile a notebook for each subject taught, with samples of work completed for every month of the school year.)

I know that I'll have a sigh of relief when we can be done with that task this year..and be able to say that our summer time is "officially" here.

At least my son's portfolio is completed and ready for evaluation..and I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on nearing the completion of my daughter's portfolio.

Well..that's what has been going on here..I know..just overwhelmingly exciting..NOT..ha.

But sometimes things keep us busy that aren't necessarily fun things.

Oh, I did actually have fun yesterday at the feed store though...one of the employees stood chatting up a storm with me about the baby turkeys and baby bantam chicks they had for sale there...and let me know that they could order for me any type/breed of chicken I'd like in any amount.

I was also allowed to leave cards by the cash register with info to Mary Jane's Farm website.(the cute cards Cindy over at the farm made up)

So maybe, just maybe we'll have some farmgals from Florida joining in soon..I hope so.

Oh, and we are in the middle of potty training a 2 year old here at my house..now that can be a challenge and keeps me busy too...ha

And whoever said that housewives never work..was full of beans!

Well, that's the news here.

Oh, and I wanted to share an image of what I live near..gorgeous beach areas.
So maybe if any of you farmgal friends of mine have a hankering to visit my area..I'd love to show you some beautiful beach areas that are currently untouched by condos.. how long they'll remain so..I have no idea.

Have a great evening!
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"

~The Garden Goose~


Sue said...

Take a nap girl!! I'm pooped just reading about it all! lol

Sharon said...

Okay, I think I understand what a blog is now, kinda like an on-line journal or diary, right?

Beemoosie said...

I feel for ya! My life feels the same way about now...always this way in May!!!
Love your beach pics, especially on this 40 degree morning!