Friday, May 25, 2007


Hope you all had a great day.
Today was a really pretty day out.
The little cottage garden now has flowers of lavender colored bee balm, some blanket flowers, some gloriosa daisies and some other sunflower looking flowers that I'm not sure of the name on. The scabiosa flowers are doing great in the garden too(pincushion flowers). I also have a few stands of blue bachelor buttons as well.
In the courtyard area the Stoke's Asters(another blue/purple flower) have started to bloom and so have the african irises.
I also have daylilies in bright yellows and oranges coming up.
I discovered today that my raspberries look like they will give a wee bit of berries this year...maybe only a handful..but that is still I planted them back in March... it only means that next year they should do even better.
Same can be said on the cottage garden..we hope it will do twice as nice next year since we tend to let the flowers go to seed out there and then toss the seeds back into the area.
There is an owl that sits in the pines either in my front yard or directly across the street from my stand of pines..I'm not sure which..but we have been hearing it at night pretty regular now..
tonight when I was herding my ducks into their pen..they certainly heard it too and acted quite alert.I am glad that they have a shelter to go into at night.
They love sitting up under my drake elm directly outside my kitchen window, and since it has been a bit warmer they now scurry up under the pittosporum hedges too if it gets too warm..but they are never far from their water trough.
This afternoon they had a treat of lettuce leaves..they really like that too.
Tonight's dinner was the crews pick..I gave them the choice of homemade pizza, or a pasta casserole..they chose the homemade pizza.
Very casual evening meal, and very quick and easy for me.
Yesterday we had a full day of hazy smoke all over..could even smell it into the evening hours. I guess the winds from all the fires had shifted enough for it to blow across our area...this was only the 2nd time we had a day of hazy smoke..the other time was the earlier part of last week.
It was rather strong smelling and did cause a wee bit of hoarseness and a drier feel to the thraot and just a touch sore throat.
But today..back to clear skies and fresher smelling air.
Come to think of it..I haven't smelled the paper mill smell here in a while either. We live in a papermill town..uggh. I detest that smell...but folks need paper..and not just for writing on..ha.
I'm hoping to get out to a few garage sales with hubby tomorrow..just a few hours of he and I by ourselves...that should be fun.
I'm thinking that I may start doing a few "yard sale days" here on my blog..where folks can either barter or buy the treasures that I find and think are neat..but that I really probably won't use in my own home..but were just too good to pass up..I think that would be a bit fun to offer them to others...and I do tend to find some pretty neat stuff too if I say so'll be giving that some more thought..and of course when I decide for certain..I will let folks know.
I haven't forgotten about posting some recipes.
I have a few easy ones to share and will definitely be posting those real soon.
Have a great weekend!
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
I have appreciated all of your comments.
~The Garden Goose~


2 LMZ FARMS said...

I live in MS and for a few days it was hazy and we could smell the smoke coming from the fires. If it was this bad here , I hate to think what it is like there. Sounds like you all have been busy.
Hope you all have a great weekend and a safe and happy holiday.

Sue said...

I like the idea of a yard sale online, let me know! I'd love to check out your goodies!