Monday, May 7, 2007

A pretty good day...

Had a pretty good day here today.

The weather was oh, about 70 degrees here in North Florida.
Lovely, sunny day.
Apparently we had a bit of a cold front blow in to cool things down..and a glorious day outside it was!

I got some housework accomplished..just the typical "after the weekend" clean up..vacuuming, a touch of mopping, and straightening up here and there.

Then I wrapped packages from a few ebay sales..things we just want to clear out.
It is always amazing to me just how much stuff can be accumulated in a household in just a short while.
So..we have been purging here and there and it feels good to be rid of the unnecessaries.
I recieved a wonderful random act of kindness package today from my farmgal friend from Mary Jane's Farm(If you are a farmgirl or a farmgirl at really need to check out this website
... anyhow..."levi'sgrammy" sent me a lovely embroidered tea towel with a duck sweeping(it's absolutely beautiful), and a set of note cards (Mary Englebriet) with garden scene on them and a lovely pink floral hankie..all tied up with a pretty satin pink a very big "Thank you!" to my friend...hugs to you! She made my day!
She also sent a tea towel and Aunt Martha transfer to my daughter along with a small bit of floral fabric..again all tied with a pretty pink bow!
Farmgirls really are the best! They know how to brighten a day even more.(I'll try to post a picture tomorrow..I'm still trying to figure out this whole blogging thing, so maybe I'll be able to get an image here)

I baked a couple of loaves of sourdough bread this evening.
It is always a real treat to smell the dough rising..such a nice homemade bread smell and a yeasty type of smell..nothing quite beats good old homemade bread!Yum!

Then this evening I had my typical chore of taking care of my pet ducks..we have 2 beautiful white Peking ducks that I recieved as a gift from my husband around Easter time.
Of course they always love to leave a little mess by my french doors on the every evening it is clean up time jetting things off, and then I change their drinking and swimming water..they have a large black plastic "trough" that they love to swim in.And I also have a large moveable cage that they stay in at night..that gets moved to different spots in the side yard every 2 days.So, I take care of filling up their water dispenser that stays in the cage at night as well as their large "trough" that sits in the yard(it is actually a large plastic bin for mixing up potting soil, but it serves the purpose well for them)

Then I had to water all of my plants.
I have a cottage garden area, and potted lettuces and various other plants on my deck(roses, daylilies and lavender, and some starts of heirloom tomatoes and some sweet potato starts that will need planted in the ground soon)..then a large raised bed garden area full of strawberry plants..all of these things had to be watered...along with all of the plants in and around our courtyard area(lots of potted roses, and amaryllis, ferns, etc.)

I enjoy it though.
And to me it is relaxing...and it is always a joy to see what is in bloom...and also to watch the antics of the ducks.

Anyhow..that's a small run down on my day.

Thanks for joining me in "blog land"

~The Garden Goose~


Sue said...

Hi Tina, so happy to have you with us in blogland!! I love your new name, garden goose!! Can't wait to see those garden photos, that cottage garden sounds lovely!

Sweetproserpina said...

What a nice blog Tina! My, those duckies of yours are handsome, I can just see them pecking at your door wanting a snack from 'mama' =:)