Monday, May 21, 2007

End of the School Year...

Sheew..we did it! We finally got our end of the
school year home schooling evaluations completed
today! Yippee!
Now we can officially say that our summertime has begun.
The teacher/evaluator was quite impressed with
our accomplishments..and I must say that I was proud
of both myself and my children for everything we managed
to accomplish.
I taught a child to read..and to learn to enjoy math.
I also taught my oldest child how to balance a
checkbook and to start a small business of her own.(at 16 yrs old she now has her own small business!)
Pretty good things to have accomplished I think.

After the evaluation was completed ..I got back to the house and immediately started my household chores. Vacuuming the entire house, then mopping the whole house.
Cleaning a few mirrors and cleaning the french doors.
Then it was dinner time.
I prepared some chorizo sausages with romano, then sauted that together with a package of seasoned summer vegetable medley(green beans, and a variety of squashes and peppers) then served it over brown rice with garlic cheddar biscuits on the side.
It was fast, easy, dash in the pan..but oh so yummy.

Then it was time to head outdoors and take care of my "waddle butts"/"quackers"
They needed fresh water and of course their cage needed moved a few feet over, everything has to be sprayed down daily, then they always, always come up onto my patio to wait for me to come outside and give them their evening meal..and of course ducks do leave little
watery presents everywhere they go..So every evening
the patio gets jetted off.
Then after that I have to fill up their water dish in the cage.

While I am outside, I always attend to the watering of the cottage garden, the courtyard flowers(we have passion vines, birch trees, daylilies, agapanthus,asters, roses, figs,amaryllis etc.)
that all have to be watered in our courtyard/dining area.

Then I have to water the strawberry bed, and my bulb garden.

Then I water the little navel orange tree and the meyer lemon tree, then the grape vines and the blackberry vines.

Then I shower the pots on my deck with water. I have a few pots of daylilies, roses and a few tomato plants and a big pot of lavender on the deck.

And every few days I turn on the irrigation system to thoroughly water the raspberries.

And I fill up the bird bath and jet down any extra duck leavings that I see
into the ground.

I guess when I stop and start listing the things that I actually do in a day..I guess I actually do stay busy...ha.

Plus I was homeschooling 2 children every day ..and also potty training another.

Plus I sometimes act as errand girl/secretary for our sign business that we run from home.

Boy..o.k. yeah..I guess I do get busy sometimes.

I think I'm going to go get a cup of tea and prop up my feet now.
I think I have earned it today.:0)

I'm so glad that our "summer vacation" is finally here..that means I can take the time that was devoted to lessons with the 2 older children and hopefully get some of the projects around my house taken care painting a few rooms and doing a bit of yard chores that have been put off for a while.

Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
Have a great evening.
~The Garden Goose~


2 LMZ FARMS said...

And I thought I kept busy during the day. I'm give out just reading all that you have done. Have a good one.

GardenGoose said...

luckily most days are not like that..LOL or I think I'd actually start getting my grey hairs early.
there are busy days and there are lazy days so it all balances out for me.