Tuesday, May 8, 2007

busy bee...

have been a bit busy here today...I guess that is good in a way...but the things I really wanted to get done today..didn't quite make it onto my "completed" list...uggh.(I had wanted to create a cute little project for a contest being hosted over at Mary Jane's Farm..a contest on making a "pinkeep"..a pincushion...and wanted to create some of those for my new etsy shop....I have a really cute idea...so..that will have to be reserved for tomorrow's "to do" list)

I did get my son's portfolio for the end of our homeschooling year completed...yay.

Every "end of the school year" ..we take samples bound into a "portfolio format" to be reviewed by a State certified teacher..to have her check things out.(I have been homeschooling now for 10 years)

(we always kind of "blow her away"..haha..as we pack more than plenty into our school years with lots of projects and accomplishments by the children)

I'll have to compile my daughter's portfolio next..and I'm sure that it will be impressive to a reviewer... as this year she has started her own business now..and has started designing things like aprons and skirts to sell, as well as other items.Not everyday that you hear of a teen starting their own business.

Not bad at all if I say so myself..and I'm quite proud of both of my kids.

I mentioned also that I'd post a picture of the items given to me in a lovely RAOK (random act of kindness) by my farmgal friend.."levi'sgrammy" from Mary Jane's Farm.

So here that is..what lovely items.Don't you just love that little duck?
So adorable...so a great big thank you to "levi's grammy"!
Tonight's dinner was rather simple and rather quick..a small salad on the side, some stir fry veggies(a blend of broccoli, red peppers, squash and sugar snap peas) and pasta with sundried tomato alfredo sauce. Rather simple and quick..but everyone was satisfied.
The ducks are doing good. They have a habit now of quacking at the back door very loudly if they miss me too much, or think that it is dinner time...ha.
Well..that's the news for today.
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~

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Nancy Jo said...

Tina, what a cute little duck!!