Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's day surprise..

Look what my daughter made for me! Cool huh?
She taught herself how to make fondant today..and so she created this lovely 3 tiered cake with beautiful flowers on it.
What a surprise. And yummy too. The fondant is made from marshmallows and a 1 lb and a half of confectioners about a sugar high...then a sugar let down..whomp!
But it was good none the less..and so very sweet of her(no pun intended..but hey...that was a good one huh?)

My eyes are about bugged out this evening..made some cute beaded earrings this afternoon for my etsy shop over at and made a set of hair sticks too(for holding long hair into a bun)..those sold immediately after posting..yay! ..that was really nice.
I'll have more pairs of earrings to post tomorrow afternoon.

Well...I'm going to have to find a way to fence off my Ozark Beauty Strawberries in my strawberry bed out sense in having 50 lush strawberry plants and expecting to get a crop from them..when all of the sudden I glance out the window yesterday and what do I see..but one of my little "waddle butts"(that's what I call my ducks sometimes..ha) heading straight for my strawberry patch! eeek. I took off at a run for the patch and tried to shoo it got out of the patch..but I could have sworn that crazy duck was a grinnin' at it had strawberry juice stain all along the side of its beak.ha.
Ahh well...we'll have to get a bit of fencing that it cannot step over.

We had some much needed rain here today..yay. Always nice to get a bit of rain after we have had quite a dry spell here. So nice to walk outdoors afterwards and everything feels and smells so fresh and clean...and I love how the raindrops sparkle on everything. is wishing all of you mama's a very "Happy Mother's Day!"

Thanks for joining me in "blogland" tonight.
Have a pleasant evening.

~The Garden Goose~


Day4plus said...

What a beautiful cake. It is lovely-almost too good to eat-but you had too huh.
Those silly ducks-I bet he was grinning too.
Happy Mother's day to you. MaryBeth

Tracey said...

Lovely cake! Your daughter did an excellent job, Tina!

Nancy Jo said...

Very nice!! My cakes don't look anything like that.

Beemoosie said...

Wow! That is gorgeous! What a sweetie!

GardenGoose said...

yeah..we had to try some of the was yummy.:0)

Sue said...

Wow, give that girl a hug!! How old is she? Just too pretty to eat, great job!!

Aunt Jenny said...

That cake is just adorable!! Wow!!
I am the queen of ugly cakes and I am always in awe when someone can make such a lovely one!!