Friday, June 29, 2007

Hot day...etc.

It was HOT! out today! sheew.

Had to go to the bank, the post office and to the store to get some eggs, bread, milk and t.p. and paper towels today..and wowzers was it hot..94 out there..that was after the van first measured an interior temp of 101 when we cranked it up..then once we got going it measured 94 degrees.

Anyhow..I got all my errands ran and then this evening hubby and I went back up to Walmart..while he went to the electronics department I stayed in the garden mom in law had sent me a gift card back during Mother's Day and I had not been to Walmart since then to use I decided that I'd like to get myself some shrub type plants for out front of the house and a pair of garden gloves.

So..I found 3 large plants called... Thryallis...

they are very pretty plants that bloom these little yellow flowers.

(I am a sucker for a plant that blooms cheery yellow it grabbed my attention straight away..and into the cart it went) Of course I had never grown that type of plant did my research online this evening too.

Dear daughter and I worked outside this about 7:30 until 8:30 weeding and trimming in the front flowerbeds along the sidewalk and driveway area of our home, and even though it was was still hot. But we got a fair amount accomplished.

It will take us a few more days to get the rest of the weeds pulled and things trimmed up into shape..then we shall lay down a layer of fresh mulch. The new plants will go along the front walkway as well.

When it is completed it will look very nice I am sure.

Then we'll start tackling the backyard...we have a large courtyard area that has an outdoor dining area, arbour, and a large oak tree..after I get things back there whipped back into shape and the new flowerbed that I plan to get created back there..I will have to share photos. Right now though the weeds are threatening to take over in some areas and I need to get things remulched..then I'll be more than happy to share photos once I get things back into shape.:0)

Our summer vacation has only another month left to it..hard to believe that the days just sometimes go by in a whirl...

I'll have to sit down soon and plan out a little bit of the things that we will want to learn about this year.

I like to sit with the children during the summertime and ask them what topics they'd like to learn about in the upcoming school year. Then we make a list and try to incorporate as many of the topics as we can that they have expressed an interest in.

I do tend to use a little bit of a curriculum sometimes...but that is mostly in the math department..and then I'll use some worksheets that I find off of the internet..the other things I am pretty flexible with..but math is not one of my strong points so I usually need something a bit structured in that area.

With the younger years..I have found that the children have enjoyed the Hewitt Homeschooling Resources is sort of along the lines of a Unit Study approach, and uses a few Bible scriptures and character building lessons. I found that back when my daughter was little..she really enjoyed I saved all of the books I had from wayyyy back then...and will use them with my son.

But of course again..we are not rigid in our approach to things..and after 10 yrs of schooling we have become alot more relaxed in our approach..yet we get the learning in..but allow for alot more flexibility.

Well, the 4th of July holiday is coming up...I haven't really planned anything..we usually can see the fireworks from the Airforce Base show that is held every year..from our backyard..and usually can see the fireworks that are held downtown at the marina..from our backyard we sometimes just stand outside and watch beats fighting all of the crowds and traffic and makes it much more enjoyable.

We may do a little picnic out in the backyard that day though..that sounds like fun.:0) ...(even if it's just peanut butter and jelly sandwiches..ha.) Being together is what it's all about.:0)

Well...I'll be clearing out some things here soon and offering them here on the blog as little "auction items" that you all can bid on if you'd like to...some vintage things and what nots that I really need to start clearing out around my house.

I hope that you all have a blessed evening and a wonderful weekend.

~The Garden Goose~

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Hi Tina,
have a Happy 4th of July.