Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Flusterations and aggravations....

Oh dear of "those" days today..the kind where you wish you could crawl back into bed and draw up the covers and start over again type of days.
Yeah..we all have 'em..and today was my day.

It started at about 9 a.m. this morning when I went to check my sons ear..we had been struggling with an ear infection for 3 1/2 weeks with him...and had taken him to a nurse practioner at the start of the symptoms..well..
this certain nurse practioner had assured me that I was to "flush the ear twice daily with water" before administering floxin ear drops." Well, when I first heard this procedure 31/2 weeks ago I thought..hmm but he has what is called "swimmer's ear" and I thought that you aren't supposed to add water to the ear.. but then I thought..well..she's a nurse..went to school for this..what do I know?..right????


I should have listened to that little warning signal that was oh so quiet 3 1/2 weeks ago..ya know that little tiny inkling you get when something just doesn't feel quite right?Oh..I wish, wish, wish I had listened to that nagging little inkling inside that I had.

Well, I didn't..I just said "o.k...well, we will do as the nurse prescribed and we'll keep doing it until the ear gets better."
Well..we kept on and kept on..and the ear wasn't getting better and wasn't getting better.

Luckily my son has had no pain with this..thank goodness.

But this past Saturday night..after things still weren't better I was sitting in bed and said to my hubby.."can you do me a favor?..let's check on the computer about what it says to do for swimmer's ear and ear infections and let's see if there is any mention about flushing the ear with water"

Well, of course there was none!! In fact everything we were reading was emphatically against putting water in the ear.

Oh my was I mad..I was madder than mad..I was spitting mad.
So come Sunday morning after all this..into the bathroom son and I go to try and dry his ear with a little bit of holding the hair dryer near the ear at a light angle.

We did this for 2 days. Seemed like a tiny improvement. Then to today..
I went to remove the light gauze that I was putting in his ear to catch the drainage..and..oh no!!!...blood!

Now..I was even madder yet..oooh..knowing that most assuredly, most certainly I had been given totally wrong instructions for this situation! How could she???!!! Didn't she go to school to learn how to help people??? While me....I'm just a mere highschool drop out and a stay at home mom...certainly she was "supposed" to have more medical knowledge than I huh??? a new dr. we went this afternoon to be told that"no way, no how are you ever supposed to put water in an ear that is have been told the wrong instructions..I am so sorry you had to go through this..your son has a burst ear drum" but we'll prescribe the strongest antibiotic I can for him and it should heal..come back in 2 weeks so that we can check the progress, oh..and don't get the ear wet at all"

well..back home I came and since the nurse practioner was on vacation..I called her at home..and yes..I did give her a piece of my mind. Did she admit that she had made a mistake? ...oh fact she lied several times on the phone to me.
Well..we told her that there was no way she'd ever get our business ever again.
uggh. I told her that not only had she told us wrong..that even then she had to basically call both my husband and I liars and claim she never gave us those instructions.. when we both were in the office and heard her, and when I was gone to the new dr's office she had called my husband at home and assured him that yes you can put water in the ear..yet again..
so I asked her..didn't you just tell my husband an hour ago that indeed you could put water in the ear..and ya know..she denied it...and I told her..that what made me even madder still that she didn't even have the guts to admit that she was wrong and to apologize for doing so.
Anyhow..and get this..she had wanted to start an ethics committee here in our town for the County Commissioners..isn't that a hoot?
I told my husband.."an ethics committe when it is obvious she is a bald face liar?" how amazing!!! ." I had to laugh about that.
At least that was one thing in this whole thing I think I could laugh about..on a day when I just felt like crying because my son ..poor little guy..had to pay for someone telling me wrong.
I have felt absolutely terrible all day today..that I didn't listen to that inkling voice a bit sooner...the little signal that lets you know that something "isn't quite right"...I have learned today to listen more to that "still small voice" a bit usually is right on target....anyhow..
Today my "mama's heart" really cried.
On a wee bit better note though..I created a really cute garden styled mini floral arrangement for my etsy shop. I will post it tomorrow. I really like how it turned out. Really cute and cheerful.
A little bit of of small table decor, I like it alot, and hopefully others will too.
I tell you, this etsy stuff has become a bit of a challenge trying to come up with new things,ideas,items that I "think" folks would like. I guess until the little shop gets established a bit more things will be slow a wee bit.
I do try and go into the forums and check out other etsy shop owners and try to network..and try to mention things here on the blog from time to time.
And try to post a new item as often as I can.
Well..after several months of no makes the 2nd day in a row that we have recieved we actually got quite a bit of rain..nearly an entire days worth. That was very nice, although I think we could have an entire week's worth and still not be caught up with how much we are behind this year on rainfall.
Well, that is all today.
Hope that we all have a better rest of the week this week.
~The Garden Goose~


Beemoosie said...

Oh I am so sorry about your son! I hope it heals up quickly now that you have better advise.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Sorry about your son's ear. Glad to hear he wasn't in pain. I understand about you being mad with the nurse pact. I don't trust them. We had one here in town that gave the wrong diagnosis to a person and they called the state board on her and she lost her license. A lot of medical insurances here won't cover a nurse pact. I know the insurance that I had wouldn't pay if I went to one. hmmmm.... wonder if they know something other people don't.
Sorry you and your son had to go through this.
Hey, wanted to let you know that I have really apperciated your friendship.

GardenGoose said...

thank you both. I appreciate all of my friendships/means alot to you gals. hope you all have a good day today.