Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's gonna be a bright, bright,!

A nice sunny day here today.
We had 2 days of much needed rain..and today..I could almost guarantee that my little corner of the smiling. The flowers, trees, grass..certainly needed it..and I think that if they could verbalize anything..they'd certainly all send out a resounding"thank you!"

You know how everything looks after a rain the next day..just that nice fresh feel to everything and it seems like an extra sparkle all around..well, that's how it looks outside here today.

My fat little ducks a.k.a. "waddle butts" certainly are happier about things. Seems the rain does help to cool everything off for a little bit at least.
Well, time today to let go of the flusterations and aggravations of yesterday, and time to face a new day..with a smile and thankfulness.

Today I plan on doing a bit of crafting for my little etsy shop. ...last night I created the prettiest,cutest little garden styled mini floral arrangement. I do very much enjoy working with creating little floral arrangements. I usually can do those in very little time, and love the end results.Anyhow..I'll be posting a picture of my wee creation on here this evening, and also on the etsy site later today.

I'm wanting to decorate some wooden birdhouses if I can today....I have some cute ideas that I think will turn out really nicely.

Have posted a few images here of the new teas/and a new soap that I am offering on etsy. My husband who is a graphics artist designed the labels for me.. I think they are really nice. I really like the designs.
I'm hoping to add a few varieties of linen/room sprays too soon.
He's working on designing the labels for that for me as well.
He's been so supportive of my little venture.
Well, here is wishing you all a very lovely day today.(I'll add some more recipes this evening and a photo of the little floral arrangement I made last night....and try to have something a bit more interesting to share with you all this evening.)
Thanks for joining me in blogland.
~The Garden Goose~

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