Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cottage charm...and more...

Do you ever just daydream about the perfect spot? or how you'd really decorate a house if you could? We probably all do it from time to time..just looking through those home decorating magazines oohing and ahhing over colors and design.

I know I do. Only thing house is not a country farm is a rancher in the city..and has a totally different look and feel than the big front porch and the open airy breezy rooms that I picture in my daydreams.

But I do try to decorate it with a little bit of country and cottage style..I guess some could call it "hodge podge"..but somehow for now it all goes together and says "home"...for now..

I was thinking about this the other day when I was crafting a pillow for my etsy shop. How if I had a breezy old fashioned home...that I'd for sure have more cottage/Victorian items in it like what I was crafting at the moment...things that to me say "garden/cottage/tranquility"

I found this soft pink and burgundy fabric that had sprays of roses on feminine and delicate. I thought..ooh wouldn't that be nice to mix with a soft pale greens and just have a lovely dreamy room.
But alas... right now that isn't my style in my master
you can see the pillow on etsy ...ha.Because it doesn't go with my decor...but maybe it will with someone's.
Well, yesterday we had a good day. My husband and I got out of the house together without the children. .. we headed over to the antique mall and I have some neat things that I'll be sharing in my etsy shop later.
I have a bunch of crafting items to get made up that I think will be really cute..just have to get them done.
It was a hot day yesterday that is for sure. The van thermometer kept registering 92 degrees, but I tell you..the heat index was sweltering/felt more like 102 out there. And you know it's hot when the glare and heat off of the pavement makes you squint.
I did find a cool Amish Dutch cookbook too. Really I'll be sharing a few recipes from that here too.
Well, I have some etsy products to get made up today. Just plugging along at that lately as I'd like for it to do better/have some sales.
Then I'll be doing some product research for in case we do decide to find out more on the retail shop.
We shall see.
I made nice big pancakes for breakfast this morning for everyone..and put a whole container of fresh blueberries in the mix..they were yum..made something that isn't so good for least a little bit healthier..ha.Certainly made a difference on the taste..they were delish!
Oh, I forgot to husband found the cutest vintage farm coloring book! woohoo..and I told him..oooh I want that! I can use it to create neat embroidered towels and such..oh my goodness the pictures are just darling. I can't wait to get crafting on some redwork images and so forth. It wil be so fun. It was a terrific find.
Well, I hope that you all have a very nice day today.
~The Garden Goose~


Nancy Jo said...

Thankyou for the comment on my site about my Amish picture. I typed in on google NANCY NOELLE and can't find anything, the artist signature is hard to make out, kind of like a doctors. I see the N SOMETHING, THEN THE LAST NAME NOEII OR SOMETHING. I should have paid closer attention to the girl that sold it to me, she said her name and I should have written it down.Any way, just want to be sure I got the right name from you.
Love your site, its very calming.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

I know exactly what you are talking about the heat. yesterday at the barrel race it was at on outside arena. NO SHADE TREES. I only ran one time and had no luck. We got the third barrel. Just couldn't get my head into the game. I sent you an email with my addy. Hope to hear from you soon.

Sue said...

Great post and so glad you got away for a bit, always fun to "run away" and play together! The shop idea sounds great, but I'd be like you, very concerned. Keep us posted and here's wishes that you get your house of dreams someday!

kim said...

Hey Tina Michele! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week end!

Beemoosie said...

Thank you for all your care and ideas about dealing with my co-workers! You are so sweet!
I love your shop idea, You surely have the talent for it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,
It is really hot here too. What Amish cookbook did you get ?