Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CRASH! aggghhh....etc.

Oh my while my husband was in the middle of doing a job for a client all the sudden we start hearing a high pitched whine and the computer pops up with the dreaded blue screen of ...(gulp)...death.!! Argghh...AGGGGH.
My husband had alot of graphics work and some family photos of the children on the computer as well.
Amazingly he was very calm..while I..yes..I cried.Because I knew how important all the work that he has done for clients and jobs he has designed is on that computer..important things that have taken him hours upon hours to do for graphics work. He'd just bought the computer several months ago. EEEK. Anyhow..he was able to get it back up for a few minutes and was able to retrieve the photos of the kids and a few other things that he needed off of there and is still grabbing what he can off of the computer while it is able to be on.
We had never had the dreaded "blue screen of death" on a computer before.He has maintained a steady calm about the whole thing today while me..I had a case of the cries about it. (guess us women are just more emotional or something)
Gracious..I guess we do tend to rely on computers a whole lot for storing files and images, etc.
Big lesson learned today..I will make certain that I start backing up all of my images and important things on my computer as well.
Tonight's dinner was another one of those "flash in the pan" things..actually a "flash in the casserole pan"..Bruschetta Chicken...basically you just take prepared chicken breasts or strips, a pkg. of stuffing mix, about a cup of water...either marinara sauce or if you wish..a can of chopped tomatoes(reduce water amount and just use liquid from tomatoes) can add mixed veggies if you wish..then top with a bit of shredded Italian style cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

Very easy.
Rain again this morning..yay! It is nice to finally get rain that we have needed for months..I think it is finally catching up and my dry lawn is finally a nice pleasant green.
I made 2 loaves of sourdough bread today..yummy, yummy.

It was good to make a little sandwich with pastrami and sliced white cheddar cheese accompanied by a handfull of grapes for lunch today.Nothing like fresh homemade bread...and my house smelled wonderful too.
Well, I have to head outdoors this evening to take care of my little quackers. ..and the plants/flowers in the yard.
May you all have a lovely evening.
~The Garden Goose~


madrekarin said...

Oh NO!! That's terrible! I'm glad your dh was able to retrieve your pictures. We had that happen to us, and ours were lost. (Insert still sobbing mom here) Now we back up everything.
Your bruschetta chicken sounds very yummy. I may have to try that one. :)

Happy Homemaker said...

I think I would have cried, too. I'm glad he retrieved the pictures at least.