Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Another day in the dentist's chair...

Well, today found me at the dentist's office..sitting in the chair ..wayyyy far back...looking up at a bright light.Having my mouth propped open with plastic things and gauze and being drilled on yet again. Ughh.

Luckily I don't have very many cavities..am ashamed that I had any, but such is life and I guess the price we pay for liking sugar and sugarry substances.

But the nice thing about this dentists office is..they provide sunglasses for you, so that the light isn't so bright in your eyes, and they also have a tv up high on the wall for you to view if you are so inclined to do so while the drilling and so forth goes on. Another thing is my dentist is really very nice and about my age, and actually doesn't treat me like a number...and since my husband had helped him with his sign out front of his establishment when he first opened up his practice..well..he always asks how is my husband and kids. So that's really nice.

So it wasn't so bad..and less pain this time than last time.I will have to have oral surgery at some point to have my wisdom teeth removed. Now that is not something I am looking forward to at all..ouch. I dread the thought of being put under for anything.
The photo I have posted is a very unique one, that believe it or not... was not created using any kind of digital manipulation.It was straight from the camera that way. I call it "when flowers dance".(naww no matter how much you beg..I shant tell the secret on how it was created..a girl has to have a few secrets to suprise folks with every now and then..ha)
It is a picture of some begonias I had last year..that sadly they kicked the bucket.:0(
Ok..I am so sorry that I forgot to post those recipes last night like I had mentioned..so here is one to make up for it.
This recipe is from a cookbook published in 1904 titled "Cooking in Olde Creole Days"

Wash one pound of rice and soak it an hour. Cut up a cold roast chicken, or the remnants of a turkey, and a slice of ham, and fry them in a tablespoonful of lard. Stir in the rice, and add slowly while stirring in, a pint of hot water. Cover your pot, and set where it can cook slowly, until the rice is nearly dry. One or two spoonfuls of cooked tomatoes give it a very good taste. Jumballaya is very nice made with oysters, shrimps or sausages.--MME. EUSTIS, MERE.
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~The Garden Goose~

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madrekarin said...

Well, it doesn't matter how you shot that picture- it is just fabulous! The blur in the background does make it look like the begonias are moving, you clever girl! Hope you have recovered from your dentist visit!