Monday, June 4, 2007

Ooh la la handbag and more...

Posted this darling handbag on my etsy shop this afternoon. Found the fabric and thought..ooh that is just too cute! I hope that someone else will think so too. It is so hard to know what folks will buy on
Anyhow..I hope my shop there does well. I do try and put effort into what I do.I just loved that fabric though. I'll be posting a few more of those bags after the first one sells.
Well, today I mopped my entire house with a vinegar and palmolive at first smells well..vinegarry, but after a few minutes it is just a fresh clean smell. Cleans really well too I might add, and is so inexpensive just to use a touch of dish soap with about 1/2 cup of vinegar to mop the entire house with very thoroughly. I haven't figured the cost, but I can almost guarantee it's alot less than other cleaners that is for sure.
Probably only a few cents at the most. I had been using the swiffer wetjet products and that gets expensive after a while.
I still do like my swiffer on those days when I'm really in a hurry, but on the days when I want to be a bit more frugal, and take my time and want to make sure the house actually nearly sparkles..I mix up the vinegar water now.
I tell you, yesterday my house smelled so delightful with the rose sachets setting out on the counter and the rose petals in a bowl as I was crafting sachets. I must say after I sealed the sachets in ziploc baggies to hold in the scent for the products better..I certainly missed the it was delightful.I will for sure have to make myself up some of those to hang through my house.
They are just pretty and smell so good.
Well, I was hoping that we'd have gotten some rains from the Tropical Storm, but gracious rain yet! phooey. and we need it badly too.
ahh excercise in patience...but then I wonder how a rain dance would work..anyone wanna join me..lets go.."ooh ahh yada yada ooh wahh hubba bubba mmoo maa"(see I got you to also read something terribly you'll be chanting that in a few minutes cause it's a catchy tune...have ya got it stuck in your head yet..try it's catchy now aint it..ha) ..nahh the neighbors would have us locked up if we went outside and did that. ..ha.
but got ya to chuckle now didn't I? hee hee.
Well, I have to hurry and make dinner now.
Chat with you all later. Will post a new recipe again this evening.
~The Garden Goose~


Beemoosie said...

Love the handbag...wanna see you on utube doing the dance!!! LOL
We finally had about 10 hours of rain after NONE in May. My veggies look a bit more promising now!

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Love the hand bag. The fabric is soooo pretty. Yeah, you got a chuckle out of me and I agree with beemoosie, I want to see you on the tube doing the dance. I hope you will get rain before to long. We got a shower late yesterday afternoon and after midnight. Was glad to see it.Haven't tried the vinegar to mop floors but will try it tonight. I have got to cut back on my spending.
Have a good one.

GardenGoose said...

LOL the u tube dance aint gonna happen. no way, no how.
but my hubby is on youtube though doing a Sinatra lip sync and dance LOL that's enough stardom for me.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tina,
I have been deep cleaning today too. Hope you feel better soon. I hate the denist.