Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And the winner is!.....etc.

The winner of the "ooh La-La Handbag" is......

(drumroll please)......Mikki Jo!

Your items are on the way to you.

I hope that you will enjoy them.It was alot of fun having this little drawing and I indeed will have more of them in the future.Thanks to everyone that joined in on the fun!


Yesterday afternoon we had rain, but it wasn't just "any" type of rain..it was my most favorite type of rain..and that is the kind where the sun is still shining very brightly and it is a light drizzle, no lightening, but a tad of thunder way off in the distance...
and the fun thing about this nice summer rain is that in various parts of the yard it was raining at different rates, while the front yard was virtually dry..different areas of the backyard were getting varying amounts of drizzly rain.
It was alot of fun to watch, as I remember rain like that from when I was a little girl.
One could walk out the front door and be dry, and go to the backyard and it would be raining. Now that is my most favorite way of viewing the rain.
Just something about it that puts a smile on my face.

I didn't see a rainbow though this time, but I'm sure there must have been one somewhere..as the sun was bright.
We recieved rain again this afternoon. I went with my husband to a dr's appt. (sinus infection) Then stopped at the post office to mail a few packages, then back out to the store to get the prescription for hubby filled.
I'm in 4 swaps over at Mary Jane's Farm website.

One is for Independence Day..so..I found some really cute vintage look postcard photos online and printed them out onto cardstock..put red ribbon hangers on the back and edged the cards with a beige crochet lace.They have turned out really pretty. I just hope that my swap partner likes them too.

---but there is an idea for a decoration for the Holiday...all you need is a printer and some glue, ribbon and lace and some card stock.You can visit CountryLiving.com/crafts and they have a few examples of vintage postcards that you can right click on to save to your computer and print out for your decorations. Very cute designs. Have fun!
Around here we have all been trying to eat more fruits and veggies.
Plums are available at the grocers right now and yummy. I like them chilled. So good to bite into a juicy plum and the juice just about rolls down your chin..yum.
I also bought a fresh papaya..those were on sale and since I had never tried one fresh, I thought it was about time to get a bit adventurous.It is in the refrigerator and I intend to cut it up in a day or so and find out what it tastes like fresh.

Of course I stocked up on alot of other fruits and veggies too, like bananas and apples, spinach and carrots(my husband has started juicing some of these ingredients together) But we are trying to start steering clear of the sugary sweets..it is a challenge..but little by little hopefully we can get away from alot of the sugary stuff and get back into healthier choices.
I wanted to say a warm "Welcome" to all of the new visitors to my blog..wow! What a nice treat to have new friends visiting with me.
Thank you, and I hope that you all will visit often.
Oh, I noticed this morning that.... finally..my male duck has those darling curly tail feathers..finally. They are so cute too. He has about 3 tiny curled up feathers right on the edge of the start of his tail feathers.I had been waiting to finally see those as he is behind the female in his growth by about 3 weeks on his full feather development.So it is nice to see him finally fully feathered out in all of his Daffy the Duck splendor....ha
I woke up this morning to loud quacks outside, so stuck my head out the door and I guess the ducks just wanted to see me..after a while they quieted down..they had fresh food and water..but the female had set up a loud din just quacking away, and would calm down once she heard my voice..after a while even once I stuck my head back inside she still carried on for a little bit but soon quieted. I thought perhaps there was a hawk overhead or something, but no..that wasn't the case. Then I thought..well, maybe she has laid an egg..nope..no egg...
She was just acting spoilt.... ha.
I started up a Meetup.com thing here..to try and meet Stay at home mom's in my area. I haven't any friends here to speak of, and since I am a stay at home mom..I thought.well..why not try to start a Stay at home mom's meet up where a few moms can get together and meet at a local park with our kids..anyhow..we'll see how that goes.Doesn't hurt to try...and maybe I'll make some decent friends along the way.
Well, I'm off now to give my son a haircut. His hair grows really fast and gets top heavy and curly on the top..so it needs a good thinning.(I'm the resident barber here..ha)
His ear is healing up nicely now..thank goodness..and we'll have a follow up appt. next week.
So glad that we got on the right track with that.
I'll be posting a new Homeschool theme activity/ideas soon..so stay tuned.
May you all have a very nice evening.
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~


Day4plus said...

What a delightful blog you have. I have been enjoying my visit. MB

2 LMZ FARMS said...

I understand where you are coming from, about the rain. Glad to hear that your son's ear is doing better. Good luck with your new adventure. Meeting new stay-at-home-moms. They will be trully blessed once they have meet you.
Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,
Sounds like Texas. The weather changes minute by minute.All the rain does is make it humid.
We are eating more fruits and veggies too.

Sue said...

Congrats MikkiJo, way to go girl!!