Sunday, July 20, 2008

Power Outages...and Summer Days

Power Outages and Hot Summer not mix very well.

Yes..I am the first to admit it...I am just a wee bit spoiled when it comes to that ever so lovely invention known as the a/c.

But let me tell you gals.. I had every intention yet again yesterday to finally...finally finish that hallway painting job.

When what should happen again yesterday...but...yep...another power outage!

This time it lasted from noon..yep..high noon ! the hottest, most miserable time of a summer day....clear until nearly 5 p.m.Nearly 5 hrs.!!!! AGGGHHHH!!

Can you guess how we finally managed to get the electricity back on?

Bless that little Comcast cable guys pea pickin' heart I tell you!...seems the folks down at the end of the road in a large apartment complex all had electricity...but no cable... because...the cable service was tied into the outed electric line..they all had electricity at the end of the road but no cable, whereas we had no electricity yet again.

So all these folks without their cable were calling in complaining to the cable company...and here we sat without any electricity.

So cable guy called the power company and they did not respond, did not respond, did not respond.

Finally hubby goes outside after 4 hrs of this..and the cable guy says to him.."well I finally had to lie to get them to respond..I told them that we had 400 people out here at these apartments without cable and electricity"(actuality is the apartments are only about 150 units..he slightly embellished the truth a wee bit..ha)

But that's what it took...finally within 10 minutes...yep you read that right...what should have taken place 4 hrs previously...was finally responded to within 10 minutes..and....we had the power restored within 10 minutes after they finally responded.Why in the world they didn't respond sooner is beyond me.

Luckily none of my groceries in the deep freezer or refrigerator were spoiled...but hubby mentioned that maybe next time this happens we might just call the electric company and ask them if they'd like a bill for our groceries in our freezer next.

Needless to painting got done yesterday...can you blame me?
And today??? nope..not today either...hubby told me to "Take the day off sweety"
So I did.
But..I have been busy trying to help find material for the upcoming issue of "Small Town Living".... So the day wasn't all "take the day off".
On to a diffferent subject for a minute...wanna know about a little book that will make a 3 yr. old laugh out loud?

Well...when we had the power outage yesterday hubby went up to Chik Fil A to get something for us all for dinner.
He picked up some kids meals for the kids, and in these meals were these darling little books by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin...this one little book was called "Dooby Dooby Moo"

So the kids and I piled into my bed and I read them the story...first "Dooby Dooby Moo" and when I got to the end of "Dooby Dooby Moo" my little 3 yr. old burst out laughing.

I think you will too if you read the little story.

There are 4 little books in the series..and we now have 2 of them...

"Dooby Dooby Moo" , and "Click, Clack Moo Cows That Type"

If you have a little one in your life that enjoys being read to...well it's worth a little stop by Chik Fil A to pick up a kids meal and have fun.The "Click,Clack Moo Cows That Type " was a fun read also. Very cute little stories.
I'm hoping to finally get that painting project totally completed at some point this week.
At least the walls are totally completed, but tan and a minty green trim just don't look too spiffy together...ha.
...At least not to me.
It shall get done though, but not on a day when the electricity is out.
Ahh well. I'll be glad when it is totally marked off of my "to do" list.
I hope that you all are staying cool and refreshed during these" hot summer days". Take time to prop your feet up, enjoy a tall glass of iced tea, and just say "Ahhhh..thank goodness for A/C!!"
Have a lovely evening!
~The Garden Goose~


Andrea said...

With all of these storms we keep losing power and finally decided to get an emergency generator. The hardware store was out of generators, so my husband searched and found one at we should now have the power needed when the next unexpected outage comes. The generator will keep the lights on, food cold and our air conditioning working. Hopefully the generator will also keep our sump pump working to protect the basement from flooding.

Anonymous said...

I hope thats the last outage you have this summer.I would go to a store and take the family and sit there. MW

Anonymous said...

I hope thats the last outage you have this summer.I would go to a store and take the family and sit there. MW

Ann Marie Newman said...

NO POWER!?! Yikes, what is up with that? I well remember the hot, humid summers there and this is NOT good. Did you go someplace like the library for a little while?

Lily turned 18 yesterday! Oh my...she is now a legal adult. We went and got her new driver's license and she registered to vote. We have a party planned for this weekend.

I have a new favorite children's book, Al Yorink's "Company's Coming". It's a hoot! See if they have it at your new library.

Well, I've been driving all over Dallas doing storytelling program's. I've been to a few scary areas. The folks & kids were nice and there were no problems, but uffdah the area's were more than a tad scary. One community had vandalized all the street signs(read missing and/or mutilated), and there were women of a certain trade walking about! Later I found out that most performers refuse to go there. Nothing bad happened, but I was more than nervous!

Keep cool, hopefully there will be no more power outages! Happy painting too~ Ann