Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun With Color!

So..I received my latest issue of "Country Living" magazine..and in the very front of the magazine is a little mention of "decorating with color" and a link to

I could not resist so..over to the site I headed and started having fun seeing what different colors would look like in different rooms.

What fun!
I chose all the colors that we are wanting to incorporate into our new homes pallette..and what fun I had mixing and matching colors.

Now mind you..these are BOLD! You might want to borrow some sunshades..ha.

It is a HUGE difference from what our current home's color pallette consists of, but I'm gonna do it! I am tired of being shy and timid when it comes to color in the home.

Time to take a few chances and have fun..right? are the different rooms I created and the color choices that we will be using.
Except the pink and greeen room may be reversed..or I may do something entirely different..but I do have a nearly 4 yr old little "princess..and she likes I am not sure how to give that "little princess look" and still maintain a "flow" through the color scheme.
I may reverse the color scheme on that room to green walls with pink accents or go with a totally different color all together..that is the one room that is stumping me right now on what colors I'll be choosing.

But the others are pretty much what we'll be going with. Those types of colors.
What do ya think??Like it?? Hate it?? Let me know..I'd love to read your opinions.

~The Garden Goose~


Ann Marie Newman said...

Wow! Brave choices. Do you remember my Florida room where I had my art stuff? I like bright colors too. My favorite room is the bathroom. Wall color is a fav of mine. The pink bedroom with green accent is delightful too. These colors will be a big change. They are very happy & alive - should make you all feel super energetic & ready for a new life in a new place.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I just received my latest Country Living mag. and can't wait to go thru it and see the article on color choices. I noticed the cover was a really vivid shade of green. :) Lynn

GardenGoose said...

yes Ann I do remember the turquoise room..and I loved the little duck painting too! LOL. Yes I like that bathroom color choice too. Its a bit tamer than the other colors though..ha.
Lynn...check out the site I mentioned.
And the back of the current issue is a fun article with pictures of a little Nantucket cottage full of color!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Isn't that fun?! That's such a great way to try out colors to see if you really like it...Your next home is going to be bright and cheery!! Just the way you want it. :O)

Jeanie said...

I might have to check that one out -- I used to take it, and now my subscription has lapsed. Those are some seriously bright colors, which look like my total wardrobe! I should get bolder with color in my house -- might have to check it out. Interesting -- love the teal/turquoise especially. Really pops with that fireplace, but I'm not so sure for me!

Anonymous said...

I can see you are going to have fun with your new house! You go girl! I especially like the little girls room and the bathroom looks relaxing to me. The other rooms would take me a day or so to get used! Maybe a little longer!
This is from mom C.
Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sis
My opinion is this - I personally do not like the bold color combinations (reminds me of preschool,construction paper, dull scissors, and that sticky paste glue!!) but if it makes you happy go for it.