Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Creativity..and more...

So, I decided to join this lovely art creating community over at "Mind Wide Open" (see side bar for link to this fun blog)

... and my little creation is nearing completion.

I daresay that I don't think I'm nearly as talented as some of the gals that have been doing the altered art/paper crafting for a while..seeing as I have just now started to dabble in it
the image that I have created is one that is near and dear to my heart soon as I saw the image, and the title of the challenge being called "Remembrance"..I knew what I'd be creating.

Now..the contest entry date ends on July 7th..and then folks can go to the website and vote for their favorite creation.

Of course I honestly don't care if mine gets any votes or's pretty to me...and means quite a lot to me, and I'm looking forward to displaying it in my new home.

I did have fun creating it...and will share it with you soon.
This is the image that we had to use somewhere in our art creation..isn't it just lovely? still have time to join in the fun as the first challenge lasts until midnight July 7th.

Stop by "Mind Wide Open" and join the fun.
Well...after the garage sale I hauled off quite a few things, but still have a few things left to get out of the garage. My garage is finally "getting there" on looking a lot neater and organized.
I pushed the little old fashioned mower in the backyard this does a good job without using gas or oil. Pretty neat little contraption, and it wasn't heavy nor hard to push either.
Oh..I had something funny happen yesterday...
I had bought a vintage celluloid clam shell with rural scene(I have a small collection of these) the one pictured here.(mine is slightly different and the scene is in color)
From ebay.... oh gracious at the 1st of the year(January 17th I believe it was) from a gentleman in England..well...after 2 months the shell still had not arrived in my mailbox so he was kind enough to refund my money less the shipping price.
So ..we both were resigned to the fact that my purchase was "lost" in mail land..somewhere out there.

Well...wouldn't you know that 5 1/2 months later...guess what turned up in my mailbox yesterday?? Yep...the "missing"clamshell.I paid for it again..and the gentleman was pleased that I was so honest as to paypal him the funds after so long..but..I had told him that "if" the item ever showed up..I would indeed pay for it.

So now I have a shell with a little bit of a story..ha. The man mentioned that perhaps one could write a story about "the adventures of a vintage clamshell lost in the mail"..ha.... Naw..but it does make you wonder where it was for 5 months though.
Well....thank you so very much for joining me in "blogland" this evening....please do let me know that you have stopped by. I absolutely love reading the comments that you all leave.

May you have a lovely evening!

~The Garden Goose~

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The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Tina, what a lovely, sweet comment you left me, thank you so much!! I love that you are enjoying trying new things. What's so fun is to play with the trinkets and treasures. Arrange them several times until you know that it feel right!! I love trying new things. I'm really bad about not doing the same thing more than once too! I do hope that you can carve out a little area for you at the new house. Even if you don't have a room maybe an amoire that can be full of your art things! Thank you again Tina!! Nurture your creative soul ~ xxoo, Dawn