Thursday, July 17, 2008

Painting Progress..... and more..


I had big plans today to get started on my painting chore..of the hallway and entryway...a bit in the early afternoon.

I had donned my painting old t-shirt and old denim skirt ...and was ready to go gung ho on tackling the roll out of the walls.

When... out of the blue what should happen but...all of the power suddenly went out.
We did not have a storm in the area..the power just

O.k...well in order to paint a hallway and entry way it is best to do so when you have a good deal of light by which to work with of that you can tell that things are going right...ha

Anyhow...then I put everything on hold and waited and waited..thinking o.k. surely within about 10 minutes everything will be right as rain again and I can tackle this chore.

Nope... after half an hour I thought can't be much longer....but nope...
after that I was actually beginning to worry about it getting too hot in the house and the items in the refrigerator going bad..but ....luckily after just an hour and a half..everything blinked back on.

But of course it took nearly another hour and a half for the house to cool back down to the temperatures that it had been before the outage. painting chore wound up starting at about 4:30 this afternoon instead of about 2:30 like I had wanted it to.
But..I did manage to get all of the hallway and entryway walls rolled out....yay!

Tomorrow I aim to paint all the doors, then the day after to paint all the trim.

And yes..with painting and climbing up and down a ladder and rolling out paint for several can feel muscles in the neck, shoulders and wrist and hand that they did not know they possessed.

I finally finished the walls at about 8:30 this evening.

I must say though..the lighter tan color is a good bit better than the minty green color we had before...I like how the light tan color adds a nice sunshiney "warmth" to the entry way.

Amazing what a little paint can do.
After the painting chore oldest daughter and I spent time watching the 1995 edition of "Pride and Prejudice" starring Collin Firth..a good movie..actually we finished the 2nd half of it this evening as it is originally a 4 hr has it available on 2 cds.

We have watched just about all the versions that have come out of this particular movie it seems, but we enjoy it just the same.

I think this makes about the 4th or 5th time we have watched this story.I did enjoy this particular version of the movie though.
The summer vacation for the children is drawing to a close , and as such we'll be starting back to our homeschooling routine very the next couple of weeks.

I have enjoyed the break from school also... because it has allowed me the chance to try and get some of the painting chores out of the way.

And I know that the children have indeed enjoyed the break as well.I am amazed at how fast the time just zipped on by.
In a few days my littlest one will be turning 4 and we'll be celebrating her special day.Oh what a fun age! I'm wanting to get her a big teddy bear with a few little outfits for it that she can play dress up with the teddy bear.

She's my little "girly girl" and loves to sing song through the house and to dance and twirl and refer to herself as a "princess" and to call me a "princess" too.

I think that we'll probably make some sort of pretty "princess" style cake for her special day too.
Well...I'm tired this evening now...but I do hope that you all had a lovely day.
Thanks for stopping by.

~The Garden Goose~


~~Anne said...

Hi Tina,

Glad to hear that you eventually got your painting done. I do wish a good thunderstorm would come through our area. I really enjoy them. :-)

The P & P version with Colin Firth is definitely my favorite. I don't think any of the others come close to being as good as that one. My daughter just took it out from the library again to get some inspiration as she is sewing a Regency dress.


The Feathered Nest said...

Sounds like you accomplished a lot Tina!! I love the way paint can transform your home. And make it feel fresh. I can't believe how fast this summer has flown by either...xxoo, Dawn

Beverly said...

Hello there you painting Diva!! My you are such a flurry of activity around that house these days! Selling a house will do that to turn is coming next year!

I love Pride and Prejudice! (All Jane Austin movies)

Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) I enjoyed catching up with you today! Will be praying with you as you begin schooling again soon. We are doing our summer school right now & enjoying it so much (we do art appreciation, Bible memory, some science, learning games, logic, etc in the summer). Have a wonderful wknd! Love, Q

Anonymous said...

Hey Tina
Now don`t overdo. It will be so nice when your done ! Can`t wait to see it. You must have had a brown out. A C sure has us spoiled,
remember the days without it?
Takecare and a hot soaky bath.
Love MW

Nancy Jo said...

Thank for stopping by my site, and yes I remember that you like or love the Dutch. Now that was very mean of me to show them.
Did you get your power up and running?