Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cool Kids Room Decor...and more...

My husband recently designed this really cool Kids Room Decor..made of a removable/positionable vinyl.. these are just really cool and neat for a kids room.

There are several different style.

One that looks like you are looking out at a pirate ship as it sails by, one that looks like you are on a space ship looking down on the Earth, and one that looks like you are in a submarine watching a large sea turtle float by.
If you'd like to see them they are available in his etsy shop at:
We've had a slew of rain here lately and with it..all of the weeds have really taken off, but some of the flowers are as well.

The passion vine is still in flower and going strong.

A few zinnias also have popped up in the cottage garden as well.

My painting project went on hold today as I had several errands to run about town this afternoon.
I definitely plan on donning my painting duds tomorrow to finish the hallway and entry way.
After the rain yesterday I worked on moving some of the potted up plants into an area by the fenced courtyard so that they would not all be by my backdoor..ha.

Some of the roses have started blooming after being planted into the pots..sometimes I think the roses actually like staying in the pots better..some varieties of them seem to bloom better that way.
Then one of my daylilies is blooming again..after having bloomed about 3 weeks ago it sent up yet another stalk with about 4-5 flower buds on the stalk.
Very pretty brilliant/deep red almost maroon with a yellow throat.
So pretty!
Well..I hope that your week has started out well, and that today has been a lovely day for you!
~The Garden Goose~
p.s. stay tuned..its gonna be "giveaway" time again soon....soon as I find something to give away that is..ha"


Tutti Chic said...

What a talented hubby you have! Love his design! your flowers are absolutely gorgeous! The passion flower is my favorite. thanks for visiting today~your blog is lovely I'm off to read more! :) chris

Tara said...

Thanks for the heads up on the kids' decor, looks super!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

LOL...I just finally got my zinnias patch plowed and the seeds thrown in. I planted them while it was raining so it didn't take long for them to pop up. But I won't see any blooming ones until probably late Sept/October.

Jeanie said...

Your flowers look glorious. Beautiful photography, Tina, and a great subject. I like the "window."

Dana Jones said...

ooh that passion vine flower is really unusual! I don't know if it grows where I live??

Zone 7 is my home area!