Thursday, July 24, 2008

Little Princesses with birthdays....going Dutch..and more..

My little baby girl turns 4 tomorrow! My sweet little princess. And..I made her a little castle cake.

She wanted a pink cake with pink icing..but..I had to improvise as I made everything except for the icing..from scratch.

The cake I made from scratch... and I thought I had red food coloring in my pantry. this evening...but food coloring...but...I did have a large box of raspberry jello the cake batter that actually made the cake taste pretty problem was solved. Improvision..we mom's are good at it ..ehh? ..ha.

And the icing...I had about 2/3rd's of a container in the melted it and drizzled it over the castle and sprinkled the whole thing with little multi colored butterfly and flower candy sprinkles.There is pink in think she'll still like it though.

Cute..but not is edible and looks mighty sweet..which cakes are supposed to be anyhow..but a prize winning cake..this isn't.

...but ..that's not what matters...what matters is that I took the time to make it and had fun doing so.And I think a little 4 yr. old will definitely enjoy it.
We got her a teddy bear that you can we stuffed a pair of patent looking shoes for it, and a little outfit, and a Ty beanie baby toy of one of the Backyardigan characters that she likes.

And my oldest daughter made her a little blue sundress, then made her teddy bear a matching sundress.

Not a real fancy birthday..something simple and sweet and just with family.
Well...I collect Dutch themed items. all started several years ago when my dad gave me a pair of little children's sized Dutch shoes..

I had found a large pair somewhere..I have no idea where now...

but then on a visit home before dad passed away..he gave me a pair of child sized Dutch shoes and told me that he really liked them but wanted me to have's all it took...

over the last few years I have slowly been adding a pair here..a pair there(finding them at garage sales or at antique shops as I can afford them..and come across them)...and even have had a few gals from over at Mary Jane's Farm Farm Girl Connection send me a few that they have gifted to me to add to my collection.

So..recently I decided..o.k....since my collection is starting to grow...

I am wanting to set up a special place by the front door of a new the entry way...and make a dutch themed vignette and have my little Dutch shoes in a row in an entry way along with a few vintage garden watering cans....

So....I have been on the look out now for Dutch themed expand my collection a bit.

Here are a few tings I found recently....
a lovely Dutch themed tablecloth....and a darling kissing dutch pair.

Aren't they adorable!!!
Oh..and remember the little 1950's kitchen canisters with the roosters on them that I shared a while back?...well...I found a couple more darling vintage chicken items from the 50's.
(gotta love etsy for inexpensive vintage items)

I found this set of... covered butter dish..(yes it has a bit of paint worn off on the butter dish..but I honestly think it adds to the charm a bit)...and a sugar dish..and a salt and pepper set.

Darling! These will be used in my new home...yeah..I know..I know..why are you buying stuff now woman when you haven't even moved yet???...but remember..I mentioned finding little things that I can tuck into the drawers of my dining room buffet for safe keeping...ha.
I haven't totally filled up the buffet yet with my little vintage finds..ha.
And these things are all small items..and..they honestly don't take up much room.
And...I did clear out a heap of stuff recently.
(o.k...I think I'm a little bit justified now....smiles)
Well...we survived the power outages..we stayed here through them..didn't go anywhere..just sat it out here at home...luckily it didn't get too unbearably miserable.
But I honestly hope that we don't have any more of them this summer.
Someone asked about Passion Vine flowers and zone can grow it in that area..but like here in North Florida..the plant will die back during the winter time...but will spring back by summer time.
Well....that's all for this evening folks..I hope that you all have a lovely evening..and a good day tomorrow!
Thanks for joining me in blogland!
~The Garden Goose~


Nancy Jo said...

Your new finds are really nice. I will be watching while out at the thrift to see if I come across something real special you might like.
Happy Birthday to your little one. Such a cute age.

EE said...

I could not believe when I saw the little dutch couple! My mother had a set of these that one of my aunts painted forever ago. They sit up on top of my cabients in the kitchen. They aredone in gray and yellow with little flowers. Thanks for sharing. Really love your blog!