Saturday, July 5, 2008

Artwork for challenge... and just fun whimsy artwork

Here is the piece I created for the challenge over at "Mind Wide Open"

I used a piece of mat board then added the image with spray adhesive.

..I then created a collage using images of my grandmother and I when I was a baby,and as a young gal of 21,

and then an image of my grandmother with her sisters, and of my gradmother as a young woman.

I also added a vintage look flower image and an image of a hand holding a card that says "forget me not," I also added images of actual rose photos that I had taken from my garden into the hair of the the right side of the image in the hair is a tiny ornate butterfly cut out.

...then I wrote a few sayings like "I will remember you Will you remember me?" "Weep not for the memories", and "Precious Memories How they linger"

Then I added a bit of lace and vintage ribbbon with floral emroidery, and a few vintage pearl buttons. Finished it off with a pink ribbon hanger.

I actually like how it turned out.

The theme of the challenge was "Remembrance" I chose to create the image as a "remembrance" of my beloved grandmother who passed away going on 4 yrs ago come August..

(you can vote for my image starting July 7th over at "Mind Wide Open" if you'd like to)
********Voting has now started over at "Mind Wide Open" if you'd like to vote for my creation please stop by here:(thank you!!)
Then I created this fun and whimsical mermaid image..just for fun..I "may" use it in our new home guest bathroom/kids bathroom..don't know yet.

So...what have you been creating lately? I encourage you to get out your paints,scrapbook items,paper craft items,or whatever you like to craft with..and have fun...if you have never done anything like this..I encourage you to visit your local craft supply store and look around..there just might be some new hobby that might spark your interest.
Get creative! ...but most of all ...have fun!
~The Garden Goose~


Anonymous said...

You certainly put time and thought into your collage, but most of all you put your heart into it! Great job! The little mermaid is adorable too.

The Feathered Nest said...

Tina! It turned out just wonderful!! I love how you personalized it too with the photographs ~ beautiful...The little mermaid is adorable too! I use spray adhesive too, just depends on what I'm doing. Don't you love the fairy gardens? I've just got to make one! xxoo, Dawn

Grand Life said...

Great post-- also regarding your past posts, I remember several Garage Sales fondly and like you- some not so fondly.
Have a great week.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hey Tina, I'll vote for your Remembrance collage but the images are not up on her blog yet?? I guess they'll be uploaded later today.

Beverly said...

Wow, you have been very creative lately! Love the contest artwork...great job!!

Miss Sandy said...

I love that you used the image to create a family memory piece, it certain deserves framing! Best of luck!

Jeanie said...

This is simply lovely! How wonderful to match that topic to your family! It's beautiful and the mermaid is dear.

Sorry I've been out-of-blog-visiting lately. If you've been to mine, you know the reason why. We're finally going to get away for a few days, so perhaps when I return next week, I'll be back at it! Meanwhile, take care.