Thursday, July 3, 2008 longer"just because"... you all know we had a huge garage sale last Saturday that was a dud..and then one the weekend before that did.."o.k."...but we had quite a few things left over..well..I just wasn't going to sweat it..literally..again by holding another sale here this summer.

So..after the garage sale last weekend I hauled off an entire van load of things that were left over

...then this evening I wound up with another van load of items.
Where does all this stuff come from?? I! Yi! Yi!

It has opened up my eyes to the fact that I do not want to own things "just because"...and I will say..a lot of the things I hauled away were decor type items that just didn't do a single thing for me fact they were nice, but what I see as rather "boring" and "generic" decor now...

the typical things that one can find at Walmart or other department stores and that everyone and their sister seems to be decorating with.

I saw all the stuff and was dull(was I really this boring of a person??..ha)...and look at all this stuff that honestly does nothing for me..none of it honestly made me cheerful or made me smile when I looked at was just "stuff".

Boring Stuff!... that of course will look nice in someone else's home..but no longer mine.

It took looking at all of this stuff during my recent big clean out to realize that longer do I just want to decorate a home for my family with ..."boring stuff"... no longer do I want a home in "boring nuetral/pastel colors"

but I want to decorate with pizazz and color and fun, and whimsy..and wow!

Hauling all of the stuff out of rooms, then into the garage, then out into the driveway to have folks look through it and buy..opened up my eyes to not only the fact that I had ALOT of stuff that didn't "speak" to me...but that I had allowed myself to just decorate and surround myself with things that just did for was just simply put..."absolutely boring stuff"

Now of course it may have excited someone else...but it certainly no longer excited me.

Hauling it all away was quite cathartic honestly felt like I have turned a corner on realizing that longer will I surround myself with things "just because"...and that means..."just because so and so gave it me, just because it is on sale,or is a good deal"

But my focus now is on "Do these things add fun, whimsy, color...and more they make myself and my family members smile? or are some of them items that hold precious memories for us?"

Those are the types of things that I think a home should be decorated with.

Not the "just because /boring stuff"
But things that actually make one smile....(my opinion anyhow)

So..that's the focus now...."does it make me smile? does it add a bit of fun and whimsy to my day?"

...if it is welcome into my home..if not..then it can go..or never enter...

I think if I take this approach to my decor and lifestyle..that the clutter will be quite a bit minimized too.

Anyhow..that's the plan.

And I think it will just wind up making quite a big difference in our household.

No more "just because" more "boring"

"Hello! ..Fun and Sunshine and Smiles!!!"

~The Garden Goose~


The Feathered Nest said...

Such a good policy Tina, surround yourself with what you love. When your eyes fall upon it, you smile! We all reach this age of realization...just at different times!! I don't have a specific "style" of decorating except that what I have reflects what I love! xxoo, Dawn

Ann Marie Newman said...

It is a very satisfying feeling to "intentionally" surround oneself with objects that have personal meaning. It sounds like you are well on your way to creating a very personal & lovely surrounding for your family in a new place. Be sure to leave the door open - so to speak, for the new house to let you know what it would like too. It is fun to discover how a new home's "feel" affects how you arrange furniture, decorate, place plants, cook meals...etc. No matter how you imagine things will work, after a few months in the new place you will find yourself moving the furniture & shifting stuff around. We've been in our house 2 1/2 months and recently I moved things around in the kitchen and adjusted the livingroom furniture to better fit the space. It's much better and I am just now getting a better idea about how wild I want to go with color. You know how much I love color!

I really like what you have so far for your future home and I can't wait to discover what kind of home you all will choose. Will be lovely I am sure!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tina,
I soooo understand. We are doing the same thing in our home. We have been hauling things away for weeks now.