Sunday, July 13, 2008

Painting Day...

Oldest daughter and I spent half the day today with doing some paint work in our entry and hall way. Cutting in paint around all the ceiling edge, doorways and the ornamental trim.

Just to show you an example of the colors..this image shows you pretty much the colors we are using.
Of course we don't have stairs or a large turkey picture, but just to show you the colors. Halfway down the wall on our walls we have a wallpaper that matches the wall color is an old world style parchment type paper with apple trees with small red apples on it.
We took the wallpaper sample in to match the paint for the wall perfectly to the parchment look of the paper, then the trim in red will match the red of the little apples perfectly.

The colors we are using are called yellow squash, and red currant by Benjamin Moore.
Our previous color was a pale minty a Martha Stewart was nice and pastel..but has started to look rather the more outdoorsy type color seems a better fit.
And the thing about these new colors is that the outside of the house trim is nearly the same color as the red trim I am using indoors..the outside trim and front door colors are a color by Behr paint called "Sly Fox". (yes I have a cheery red front door!)
Outside of the house is a taupe color called Gobi Desert..again by Behr paints.
So I thought it a nice idea to kind of bring some of that color indoors a little to give the house a sense of flow.
So..that's what we've been up to today.
Hope that you have had a lovely day!
~The Garden Goose~

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