Sunday, April 27, 2008

Week 5- FARM GIRL BLOG A THON- "GETTING CRAFTY"(4/28-08-5/2/08)


(4/28/08 to 5/2/08)
Are you a Farm Girl or Farm Girl at heart?
Do you love having that little flock of back yard chickens (even in the city?/or dream of having chickens in your yard one day?)
Do you love growing your own food items?
Love being thrifty and frugal?
Love wearing an apron, or simply collecting them?
Love a "dirty manicure" from planting seeds in the soil?Do you love bringing the simpler ways of living into your life and home?
Love cooking good old home style meals?
Love canning your own foods?
Or dream about one day actually having a bit of land to stretch out on?
Then you are a Farm Girl!..(or Farm Girl at heart!)

Let "Blogland" know you are "PROUD TO BE A FARM GIRL!!"

Join the Fun here from 4-7-08 to 5/7/08
Share with us something you have created lately.
A tea towel, a wall hanging, a new set of kitchen curtains,a dress,an altered art creation...anything "crafty" that you have created lately.
We'd like to see photos of course!
*** ATTENTION***To participate in the fun there are a few wee things we ask you to do:
This blog-a-thon will run for 6 weeks.
It will begin on Monday 4/7/08 and run until 5/7/08!

What we are going to do is this.

Everyone that participates in the blog-a-thon will put a link in their posts for that weeks blog-a-thon theme entry to Mary Jane's Farm.(

(A simple wording like this at the end of your posts will work: "To share with other farm girls and to learn about the Farm Girl way of life visit: ")

Each week of the "blog-a-thon" will have a Farmgirl theme for the week.

To participate:
You will need to leave a comment here(on each week's theme announcement page)to let me know that you have posted an entry pertaining to the weeks theme...and that you have posted a link back to Mary Jane's Farm on your blog.

***at the end of the blog-a-thon I will be drawing a name for a surprise package"***

---Let's cultivate our "inner farm girl"And be proud to say "I'm a Farm girl..or "I'm a Farm girl at heart".

Let's Do It Girls!!
Michelle at:


2 LMZ FARMS said...

I'm going to post mine this afternoon. About the recipe, sure you can leave out the onions. I have to do that for some of my family members. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

MyThreeDaughters said...

Hi. Thanks for hosting. You can find my entry here:

Needled Mom said...

Another great theme for this week. I love reading all of the entries.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Got mine posted. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Virtual Farmgirl said...

Here's mine...though nothing really recent:

Karlene Gould said...

I have just come across this blog and I am loving it!!! I want to join! I will read further, as you can tell this blogging is still new to me...

Grand Life said...

I've posted my entry for this week. I was afraid you would get to the crafty side of this contest sooner or later. I'm so needy in that department. Anyway I left a link to website and look forward to next weeks assignment. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Just posted mine. This was my favorite topic...jenn

PlumCreekMama said...

I just posted mine for this week!


Anonymous said...

I have posted my crafty bit to my blog. Am really enjoying this whole program. Thanks, Karen,
"Chessie", Happy Farmgirl #89

preciouspeas said...

Thank you for hosting. I posted my entry last night. It also has a link to maryjane's page.

jeannie said...

Tina - I think I am up to date with my posts! Perhaps a little out of order, but still hanging in there! I am going to post a photo of our gardens in the next few days.....thanks again for doing this.

Sweetproserpina said...

I 'got crafty' over at my blog Tina! You're doing such a great job running this. Thanks!

CountryintheBurbs said...

Week 5 is up - better late than never! I didn't do week 4 since I can't grow anything but kids! lol

Ruth said...

Here are my latest posts for the Farm Girl Blog-A-Thon. Thanks for all the fun.

Jessica said...

I just realized that I had mine saved in drafts and it wasn't its up now for week 5. :)

Heather Graves said...

I have posted my week 5!!