Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Welcome to Week 4 of the Farm Girl Blog A Thon!(4/23/08 to 4/27/06)

Are you a Farm Girl or Farm Girl at heart?
Do you love having that little flock of back yard chickens (even in the city?/or dream of having chickens in your yard one day?)
Do you love growing your own food items?
Love being thrifty and frugal?
Love wearing an apron, or simply collecting them?
Love a "dirty manicure" from planting seeds in the soil?
Do you love bringing the simpler ways of living into your life and home?
Love cooking good old home style meals? Love canning your own foods?
Or dream about one day actually having a bit of land to stretch out on?

Then you are a Farm Girl!..(or Farm Girl at heart!)
Let "Blogland" know you are "PROUD TO BE A FARM GIRL!!"
Join the Fun here from 4-7-08 to 5/7/08
Share with us a photo of your favorite Flower or Vegetable that you have grown.
A photo of your garden/veggie plot...or pot garden.
Or if you do not have a garden..share a photo of your favorite house plant.
If you care to share your favorite vegetable recipe or a gardening tip..that would be great.
Maybe you have a cool garden item that you have found?..or a garden craft that you have created that makes your garden even more special to you..Share it with us.
Anything that says "garden/gardening" is fair game for this weeks theme.
(even a photo of your "dirty manicure" will work)
We love to see photos of what you are growing/cultivating in your little corner of the world.
To participate in the fun there are a few wee things we ask you to do:-----------------------
This blog-a-thon will run for 6 weeks.
It will begin on Monday 4/7/08 and run until 5/7/08!

What we are going to do is this.

Everyone that participates in the blog-a-thon will put a link in their posts for that weeks blog-a-thon theme entry to Mary Jane's Farm.(
(A simple wording like this at the end of your posts will work: "To share with other farm girls and to learn about the Farm Girl way of life visit: ")
Each week of the "blog-a-thon" will have a Farmgirl theme for the week.

To participate:

You will need to leave a comment here(on each week's theme announcement page)to let me know that you have posted an entry pertaining to the weeks theme...and that you have posted a link back to Mary Jane's Farm on your blog.

***at the end of the blog-a-thon I will be drawing a name for a surprise package"***

---Let's cultivate our "inner farm girl"And be proud to say "I'm a Farm girl..or "I'm a Farm girl at heart".

Let's Do It Girls!!


Jessica said...

I can't believe it's already week 4. Woohoo. My favorite subject - gardening. :) I just posted my week 4 entry with a special flower.

Grand Life said...

Just finished posting my 4th week entry. I could actually do this one easily. Thanks for giving us a fun 6 week activity. Judy

Linda said...

My post is ready. Thank you for hosting.

Needled Mom said...

Who couldn't love the gardening theme? Great idea!

Anonymous said...

I published week four with pictures to my blog. Keep up the great work!
Love, karen

Alee said...

Hi Tina! A great topic! I love gardening and finally had a photo to share!

Sweetproserpina said...

Mine's up Tina! I can't believe there's only a few weeks left. This has been so much fun :)

Virtual Farmgirl said...

Mine's permitting, I'll be gardening all weekend!

PlumCreekMama said...

I just finished mine too!


Betty Jo said...

I'm posted. I need to learn to take better pictures!

jenn said...

I posted!! sorry it is late, I was away....jenn

Heather Graves said...

I just posted my week 4, Have any ideas on keeping Bunnies and Deer out of a Garden?