Saturday, April 19, 2008

Farmette Living

We live in the city..but..we are different..we have created for ourselves a little "farmette in the city"

I guess my motto lately is "If you can't join a rebel"..ha.And I've never been a "city girl" anyhow.Country living is just in my blood..always will be.

There's always been a little bit of a "wild child/be different than the main stream populace" in my blood anyhow..ha.

I just never can be the conformist it seems..hee hee.

So... in the city here we have a garden in our back yard.

In fact a pretty good sized one now that we have started this year.

And..we have chickens..and as of yesterday..our chicken flock has grown from 2 to 4..and..we have a new baby duckling ..again.

I know I had said no more ducks.....but...but...yep..I got suckered in.

I figure if I only have one..instead of a pair.... that the its lonseome..will remain sweet.

So..yep..I am a wee bit of a rebel.

My neighbors are all cool with it too.

In fact I met one of my neighbors a few houses down and they mentioned having peeked into my back yard recently while out walking..and saw my chickens..and they were like.."that's neat" because they actually want to get a mini donkey..ha..but won't until they move to S. Carolina though.

But they were like.."what's your couple of chickens compared to the 200 goats around the corner??"

So..that's neat to have neighbors that are cool with it.

Then the one neighbor that I thought surely would have a problem..actually spoke to hubby the other day and mentioned how she'd love to get herself a duck in her back yard!

I think my farm girl ways are rubbing off on the neighborhood....hee hee!

Sometimes being a "rebel" isn't so bad..ha.
Have included some pics of our new 'farmette babies"

The baby duckling is a crested peking duckling(she actually has a "topknot" of feathers on the top of her head although you can't see it in the photo)... that I have named "Marigold"

It is supposed to be a girl duck...and nope..I will not get a boy duck..this duckling shall be a pet..and if I get more than one..generally the males get a bit aggressive during breeding season if there is a female a lone duck makes for a much better pet and stays sweet.
Then my daughter got herself 2 teensy tiny bantam chicks..oh my goodness are they so very tiny!Truly half the size of a regular baby chick. They are tiny,tiny! but cheep just as loudly..ha.
The feed store got in a mixed batch of chicks and don't know what types they are.
So..we have some "surprise chicks"
So..that's the latest from our little "farmette in the city"
~The Garden Goose~


Needled Mom said...

The chicks are adorable. Aren't they a thrill?

Farmettes do rub off on others. Perhaps it's the desire for a more slowed down life.

Grand Life said...

Just posted my post for week three.
Hope to get a photo up asap.
Thanks for a fun activity. Can hardly wait to see the next week. Please don't make it too hard.