Friday, April 11, 2008

Stitchery-A-Tea ...and latest cool finds... and more

I've been participating in the Tea Time Blog-A-Thon over at "Gracious Hospitality" for the last few weeks.
..and this week's event was to show some of your tea related stitchery items that you own.

Well..I don't have anything in a tea cup/tea pot theme as far as stitchery items go...
but...I do like to collect such things as vintage hankies,doilies, and women's gloves and the like...
so...I thought I'd share a photo of some of my collection.
Now mind you this is a wee portion of the collection...ha..I have a few more..but don't we usually..hee hee.
Anyhow here are a few of my fun things.
I've been thrifting a little bit lately..not much...just a little...ha... and came across some really fun finds the last few days. It is always so fun to find things that you really like..and that make a "housse" a ...HOME!!
A vintage watering can for a real steal of a deal! I filled it with bright cheery gerbera daisies(fake ones..ha) and have it in my entry way now.

Then I found a darling set of tea cups with plates..with tiny yellow roses on them! yay!
Then I found a mixed set of 12 Wedgewood blue bar ware glasses from the 1950's!
And then a very large serving tray/that was originally going to be altered with altered makes for such a nice tray to display tea cups on top of and of course perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas won't be altered after all.
Then my dear mama sent me these absolutely darling little plates to use in my decor! Aren't they just lovely! Thanks mom!

Last but not least are the latest finds in my yard/ in pots in my yard up under the arbour.

I was given this lovely copper colored iris plant several years ago by a photographer friend named Jenn..and I honestly thought that it had died..way back then..and lo and behold thre it was sending up lovely new growth this year in a large pot..I had no idea what I had planted in the pot..then all the sudden it started sending up stalks..and I was like.."whoa..some sort of iris!..but what color?" Then all the sudden here comes an iris in a burgundy~ish/copper color!!

Isn't it just amazing! The stalk had about 5 irises on one stalk! Breathtaking!
Then my dear daddy gave me a bunch of these lovely red amaryllis bulbs before he passed away..they were some of his favorite flowers. So I keep them in a large terra cotta pot and keep them covered in the winter when the temperatures get real cold, as I have a sentimental attachment to these of course. Anyhow..these beauties have started blooming this week..and aren't they just gorgeous too! Love them!
Well..I hope to be able to post some more images of my apron collection before we start a new theme on the Farm Girl Blog A Thon also.
Thanks for visiting with me today! I hope that you all have a lovely weekend!
~The Garden Goose~


Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) Those tea cups & plates are so sweet! I love the yellow handles on the cups. Love, Q

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Tina, I have never seen an iris like's gorgeous. And your amaryllis is so pretty....such a nice memory. ~ Lynn

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Boy! You have hit the jackpot! I love the yellow tea cups and plates. The plates that your Mom gave you are pretty. I have never seen that color of iris before. Hope you and yours have a blessed weekend.

Arleen ~ The Tea Room said...

What beautiful collections. I especially love the gloves and hankies!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

You have some nice stitched things for tea!

You must be a yellow rose lover too! I really like those yellow rose cups and plates!

What a beautiful, unusual color of the iris!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

The tea time cups and plates are very nice. I love yellow so they appeal mightily to me.

I was interested in seeing your iris...what a rich and wonderful color. The amaryllis must, indeed, be very special to you...what a lovely gift and a beautiful remembrance.

The Barber Bunch said...

I jumped over from Daisy Cottage.

Just wanted to say Hi!


Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

I love your vintage handkerchiefs! They are beautiful and can be used as napkins! Thanks for sharing!

Storybook Woods said...

Wow, you got some really great finds !!!! Clarice

jayedee said...

you always find the greatest things!
i guess i just have to practice more *grins*

Needled Mom said...

The yellow is so cheery on a table.

I love the amaryllis. How nice to receive them as a lasting memory.

Tara said...


The yellow tea cups and saucers are darling, you hardly ever see yellow! And the wedgewood, I did not even know they made glassware at one point! You did well!

Bonne said...

Speaking of it Penacola that you are near? I found a couple inexpensive Singers for you. LOL

La Tea Dah said...

I love your tea linens --- gloves, hankies, and doilies --- perfect for a very proper tea! Thanks for sharing them.

And I love your new teaware finds, especially the yellow roses cups and plates. They are delightful!

:) LaTeaDah

Miss Sandy said...

Lovely linens and fantastic finds!