Sunday, April 6, 2008

FARM GIRL BLOG-A-THON WEEK 1(4/7/08-4/11/08) - TIE ONE ON!

Welcome to the "Farm Girl Blog-A-Thon!" (4/7/08-5/7/08)

Are you a Farm Girl or Farm Girl at heart?

Do you love having that little flock of back yard chickens (even in the city?/or dream of having chickens in your yard one day?)

Do you love growing your own food items?

Love being thrifty and frugal?

Love wearing an apron, or simply collecting them?

Love a "dirty manicure" from planting seeds in the soil?

Do you love bringing the simpler ways of living into your life and home?Love cooking good old home style meals? Love canning your own foods?Or dream about one day actually having a bit of land to stretch out on?

Then you are a Farm Girl!..(or Farm Girl at heart!)

Let "Blogland" know you are "PROUD TO BE A FARM GIRL!!"

Join the Fun here from 4-7-08 to 5/7/08
This week's Theme!-4/7/08-4/11/08

Show us your favorite apron or even an apron collection!

Let us know why this particular apron is special to you.

What do your apron pockets hold?

Strut your stuff in your aprons. We want to see pictures!
To participate in the fun there are a few wee things we ask you to do:

This blog-a-thon will run for 6 weeks.

It will begin on Monday 4/7/08 and run until 5/7/08!

What we are going to do is this.

Everyone that participates in the blog-a-thon will put a link in their posts for that weeks blog-a-thon theme entry to Mary Jane's Farm.(
(A simple wording like this at the end of your posts will work: "To share with other farm girls and to learn about the Farm Girl way of life visit: ")
Each week of the "blog-a-thon" will have a Farmgirl theme for the week.

To participate:
You will need to leave a comment here(on each week's theme announcement page)
to let me know that you have posted an entry pertaining to the weeks theme...and that you have posted a link back to Mary Jane's Farm on your blog.

***at the end of the blog-a-thon I will be drawing a name for a surprise package"***

---Let's cultivate our "inner farm girl"And be proud to say "I'm a Farm girl..or "I'm a Farm girl at heart".

Let's Do It Girls!!
~The Garden Goose~


Debbie said...

This sounds like so much fun! I don't think I have time to participate but I will have fun watching everyone else. :)


jeannie said...

I joined the blog-a-thon!

Go and see at

Shirley Jean (Jeannie)

Amy said...

I am joining in to...I won't get to post anything tho till on Thursday afternoon :-)

willowtreecreek said...

Tina I joined and made my post! By the way the comment from akinogal is a virus comment. You may want to delete it!

Heather Graves said...

I'll Join, Very Excited!
mmmm...But I don't have an Apron yet, First year trying Farmgirl Life :)

madrekarin said...

My post is up, along with pics of my aprons. :)

Sweetproserpina said...

My post is up! My first ever Blog-A-Thon :) I hope you don't mind but I put a couple other great links in my post as well. (though I put MaryJanes in BIG font, hehe :) I just wanted to spread the word about all the great farmgirl businesses out there.

Thanks for running this Tina!

Cheers, - meg

PlumCreekMama said...

I got mine up, Tina! Thanks for hosting- this is so much fun!

Heather (PlumCreekMama)

Virtual Farmgirl said...

Here's my post! - VFG

primitiveewe said...

I posted!! This will be so much fun. Now I am off to look at everyone else's posts. I know I am going to enjoy doing this!

Denise said...

How neat--

I heard of this thru Peggy at Simple Woman...

NEAT!! Can't wait to see what's next!!

Here is my link:

Jessica said...

Fashionably late for the apron tie one on...haha. I actually got tied up with several projects this week, but got the time to do this. This will be a lot of fun reading along with everyone else's blogs.


Freedom Valley Farm said...


i drank a bottle of tequila trying to participate in this week's fun theme!

not reeeeeeel sure what i'm s'posed to do here .. but i'll post some 'apron' stories and photos on mj's forum.

tina .. you are such fun!

SimpleFolk said...

Hi Tina! I know I'm late, so I'm going to get all caught up here.

Here's my farm girl apron post:

Thanks for hosting this!


Auntie Em said...

I'm getting a late start but I did get the first week one posted today. I'll try to get the next one done later today or tomorrow.
Thanks for doing this Tina!

Auntie Em (elah on MJF)

The Mennobrarian said...

I am playing catch-up right now. Week one was just posted. What fun! :-)
I am at: