Monday, April 21, 2008

Nice day..

Had a nice first day at my new job..lots to learn ..but I think it will be pretty easy to get down pat after a week.

Boss only gave me a couple of hours today..and sent me home an hour early..I didn't feel so bad as she sent the other part time gal home after just an hour.

At least I got 21/2 hours in.

But certainly would have liked to have gotten the 4 hrs that I thought I was going to get.

Anyhow...she sent me home with one of every kind of coookie that we sell there at the that I can get an idea of the product, and be able to talk it up to the customer..grant it not that I needed cookies..sheesh..I am trying to lose weight here after wasn't so bad when I cut each cookie into 5th's and shared them all with my family.

The computer system for doing sales will be easy to master.As will the part on taking web orders and call in messages left on the phone.

And the stocking and keeping the front area looking presentable will be pretty easy too.

We'll start serving coffee soon also.

I go back to work on Thursday to learn how to create each of the items that we'll offer..cookie bouquets,trays, and mugs and so forth.

So far it was fun.

I do hope though that my boss will be able to give me more hours than just the very few that I had today..I honestly hope that she will be consistent in giving me 4 hr days....not just 2 1/2 hour I do have to drive nearly half an hour across town just to get to work..and really was hoping for 4 hr days and more days than just twice a week.

That part of things sort of bummed me today.
So..hopefully she'll be able to give me more work.

I hope I can learn things quickly to where she will be willing to give me the hours.

We'll see. least this will get me back out into working retail and give me a good experience.

And if she can't afford to have me there(she did mention she is struggling a bit/blamed recession/that sort of thing) well..there is a Hobby Lobby nearby that I know needs help in their fabric department..but..that's unless this doesn't pan out.

I hope this one does as it was a fun day today and I enjoyed it..but I have to be realistic too..and with the cost of gas and my time on the road to get there and back..I need more than just 2 hr days.

Anyhow...that's how the day went..and the kids really enjoyed the "perks" I was able to bring home today..ha.
UPDATE: 4/24/08
Well, my boss called last night when I was out doing errands with hubby, and she told daughter to tell me to call on Monday..I was "supposed" to go in today at 2 but she told daughter to have me just call on Monday..any how I went ahead and called this afternoon cause I knew something was up and really had a feeling she had hired me without really thinking about her financial/business situation.So...well I guess I'm doing the 'work for a day" experience...ha. The job didn't pan out..the lady admitted that her business is failing and she can't afford to hire anyone and is afraid that she'll be out knocking on doors herself soon. I told her that I had a feeling that was the case when we only had 3 customers in 2 1/2 hrs and the total sales were less than $30 and she was trying to have 3 employees/plus pay her overhead/plus pay the guy she bought the business from that to have that little amount of income coming in and trying to pay employees with nothing coming in wasn't going to be feasible..and she said yes..I should have looked at it better but I am in over my head right now basically and really struggling.And am afraid I may have to shut the doors soon here.She said that if the tide changes that of course she'd hire me again in a heartbeat cause she liked me and my attitude and all.So anyhow..that was that. I went around today to about 9 different stores getting applications. So..something should pan out.I'm a bit frustrated/bummed because I did want to work at the cookie shop..but such is life.And my last experience prior to this one was with a horrible lady/situation..and didn't pan out least this gal was sweet about things but I wish she'd have been 100 percent honest with me before she tried hiring me..that she really couldn't afford to hire anyone right now.Sigh..anyhow..the search is on again.
Well..on another note....I have put the items on the other blog "Garden Goose
-Gifts"(see left side bar for link) "on sale" and also have them available to "barter"/trade" if anyone is interested. I listed my barter interests if this is something you like to do.
So basically the blog there is a "for sale or barter."
Our garden is doing well..I will have to get photos soon. Have to get the lawn mowed first's looking a wee shaggy..grass has started to grow pretty well now.
But anyhow..the squash and tomato plants and watermelon are doing wonderfully as are the broccoli plants..and we have carrot seeds sprouting into little plants now...and beans and peas and corn sprouting up well.
So..hopefully we shall have nice crops soon.
We just harvested a basket full of Spring lettuces(spinach,mesclun and romaine leaves) in our "cut and come again bed". We will have to water it with a fish emulsion mixture to encourage another burst of growth.
But we shall have a nice Spring salad tomorrow.Probably toss some strawberry slices and pecans in the salad for a different taste..and oh..a poppy seed dressing..doesn't that sound delish??
This evening I prepared a very quick and easy family favorite.
Cut up sausage mixed with red baby potato chunks and green beans..sauted/simmered with a little water in the skillet. Cover and let cook on low until tender. yum.
I sear the sausages first then add the potatoes and green beans...with just a touch of water to simmer it to tender stage.
Yum yum!
well..I do hope that you all had a lovely day!
Thanks so much for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~


Needled Mom said...

So glad to hear the job went well. Cookies.....what a wonderful job!

Sounds like the garden is going well. Isn't it fun to reap the harvest of a garden?

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Maybe after you learn everything the hours will pickup to where you want them. I did my post this morning. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) Thanks for sharing about your day! It sounds like your job will be lots of fun - tasty, too ;) Love, Q

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,
Glad to see you are doing well. We have beautiful weather here. I planted my tomatoes and herbs this week end and thought of you.

Jeanie said...

Your dinner sounds great! I'm going to get in lettuce this weekend, I think. I'm pretty sure we're safe -- that requires cold!

I'm glad to hear the first day went well, though I fear that would be a not-so-good spot for this woman to be! I'm eager to hear more! I bet the hours will pick up eventually.

More later -- I'm slowly returning to blogland and it's good to be back at yours!

meg said...

You know- maybe she was just trying not to overwhelm you at the beginning; taking on all sorts of new responsibilities, especially after not being in the work force for a while, does have a tendency to give one "information overload"
It does sound like a fun sort of job.