Friday, November 2, 2007

November already!....

Can you believe how fast the year has zoomed right on by? I can't.

Christmas will be here before we know it.
Wow.I have to get on the ball and craft a few items and do a little shopping.
Today I worked on getting my house back in shape..some days with 3 kids... and the usual hustle and bustle about that a family of 5 does..well..lets face it..the house can look a good bit raggle taggle. So..out with the vaccuum and mop and other cleaning supplies...and whipped back into shape in no time..well o.k...o.k. at least a couple hours and then it's back to looking clean again.:0)
Oldest daughter and I got out to Joann's fabrics last night..I needed some more fabric to complete a set of country gingham drapes for my french doors.
Then we stopped at Books A Million to visit with a group of homeschooling moms..for the monthly mom's night out.
Of course I had to get my little magazine "fix" too while we were there.
I got myself the latest issues of: Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion,Hobby Farm Home,and Southern Lady.
Those are some of my all time favorite magazines to curl up with during my "quiet mommy time"... and savor the ideas and lovely images.
...Besides our magazine that hubby and I create that is.:0)
I've been going back through the house doing some "clean out".Straightened the pantry today, and since our family is going "caffeine free" and "no more artificial sweeteners" ...I had quite a bit of tea varieties and splenda to get rid of.
That's just the pantry..ha.
I am going to tackle room by room... again.
I find it actually refreshing to go through these "whole house purge outs" every now and then.
It is amazing what can be accumulated and then never used/things that sit in closets and other areas just gathering dust.
And when you discover them's sort of like.."oh..I didn't know I had that!"..or "oh..that's where I put that"..ha.
Went to a few garage sales last weekend..and I was able to find a really nice steel cage..large kennel style cage..but with a tray in the bottom. I am wanting to use it in the Spring to house a few bantams. I have been trying to decide on what type of bantam hens I'd like to get in the Spring. Hubby and I have been talking about the health benefits of raising our own eggs, and growing lots of our own vegetables.
We plan on having a pretty good variety of vegetables this Spring as well.
Wanted to share a website with you all that offers cute country graphics.... where you can create a few nice/unique Holiday gifts.
They offer little country clock faces..where you can buy the clocks at places like Walmart, remove the plastic cover, and insert one of the printed out country clock images to make a lovely gift.
Here's wishing you all a lovely weekend.
Thanks for visiting with me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~


Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) Happy November to you! I enjoyed this post so much - your journaling style is a fun read. I hope that you have a lovely wknd. Love to you! Q

Elizabeth said...

Yes Tina Nov already . Where did the year go to?
Just wanted to check in on you.
Have a happy week.

Alpicks Treasures said...

Howdy there Tina. You sound like a busy lady. Just stopping by to say HI. Have a great week.

Mary Isabella said...

Great post. Good luck with the cleaning shopping and crafting. Mary

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Girl, I'm still waiting on you to come and help clean my house. lol It is hard to believe that Nov is already here and Christmas just right around the corner. AND JB WILL BE HOME IN 11 DAYS!!!!!!!!! Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

JANET said...

I have been cleaning too! In fact, I had a garage sale last weekend...first one in about five painted one bedroom. Now for the rest of the house! It may have to wait!