Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A nice Tuesday...

Well, this morning found me vacuuming/redding up the house a bit. ( no, not painting my house red!... we call it redding up... but it's actually readying up..ha(tidying)..I got the term "redding" from my husband years ago..never had used the term until I married that man..ha funny the terms we pick up from one another once we get married)

Then oldest daughter had her sewing tutor here for several hours.
During the time that the sewing teacher was here, I took that time to wrap Christmas gifts.
Then this evening I was able to work a little bit on hand sewing projects that I am making for both my mother and my mother in law.

After that... I worked a little on trying to clean unnecessary website clutter from my "faves" list on my computer. Not an overly exciting day today I know..but I did feel like I got a few things accomplished at least.

I also cooked up a big pot of soup this afternoon using the ham bone left from the Thanksgiving ham.

I put frozen butterbeans,frozen succotash and gumbo vegetables into the pot with the ham bone and plenty of pepper and water to cover, let it cook for several hours..yummy! It made a pretty hearty bean type soup. One of those "toss it in the pot and let it cook" kind of meals.

Seems that those ones that I never use a recipe for, but "guesstimate" on...are the ones that turn out pretty good..ha.
Oh, I wanted to tell you all about a drawing that my friend Elizabeth is having on her "My Simple Journey" blog.

I must say..that I hope I win this one..as we are in the process here at our home on trying to learn how to eat and cook better for our health. But I also wanted to share the news here too. Elizabeth is a real sweety that shares lots of home making tips and recipes on her blog.
Well..I hope that you all have had a lovely day today.
~The Garden Goose~


2 LMZ FARMS said...

There is nothing any better than soup made with ham bone. Just good ole country cooking. HOpe you and yours have a blessed day.

Mary Isabella said...

Soup sounds so wonderful. Have a great night. Mary

BClark said...

It must be soup kinda day. I have turkey soup cooking. I do have the ham bone in the freezer so that will be for another day. Enjoy that good meal, some nice cornbread with it.