Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hey ya'll!

Hope that you all had a lovely Thanksgiving Day!

We did. I didn't have to cook..yay!
My darling mom in law brought all the fixin's..plenty of yummies..actually enough to last all week without having to cook! wowzers.
She's a real glad she adopted me.:0) hee hee.
We all had a nice visit together.
Friday evening I started getting all of the Christmas goodies from out of the garage..and "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas" :0)
We plan on decorating the tree this evening, and sitting and drinking cocoa and maybe take in a movie together.
The kids all love decorating the tree, and absolutely love the snowman collection that fills up the fireplace stoop.
We have snowmen that are musical and snowmen that are fiber optic. Lots of fun!
We tend to decorate all through the house.
The hall bathroom even has a mini lighted tree in it.
The hall entry has a waist high snow lady that has her arm posed into a wave.
The dining room table boasts a wreath into which a silver tiered display stand is filled with silver and red ornaments and topped with a cheery red bow.
The dining room buffet is our display area for our village buildings that light up.
....yeah..maybe I go a bit overboard..but after all..I'm just a big kid that refuses to grow up.:0)
Went to the big sale that Joann's Fabrics is having this weekend, and all the buttons were on sale for half off.
I am filling a handcrafted hinged wooden box that has compartments in it..full of buttons in all kinds of designs..for oldest daughters gift. ..shhh..don't tell. :0)
I usually don't get into the Holiday mood until I am able to get the tree up and decorated..then I get as excited as a kid in a candy store. I think it's mostly because I love seeing the looks on my kids faces and how much joy the little ones get out of seeing all the sparklies.
I of course will be taking pictures after we get things completed, and will share them here
Well..the little duckling "Sunny" is about twice the size it was when I brought it home... and yes it is looking more and more like a girl Peking duckling every day. The beak is a pale pink and boy does it cheep loudly! It can't stand it if it cannot hear us somewhere will set up quite the din of cheeping loudly if it cannot hear or see us.
It loves the noise the kids generate throughout the long as it hears is quiet as anything and doesn't make a peep.
During Thanksgiving visit we put it in a cage back in the kids room and it made lots of noise.
Today it is back near the french doors in the living room and is quiet as anything.
Spoilt little thing!..ha
I just found a large packet of wildflower seeds that I had been wanting to spread in the cottage garden area...yay! I am hoping that I can get in the garden tomorrow and rake up some of the bald areas and sprinkle a bunch more seeds in the bare spots. Alot of the seeds need a cold snap to be able to germinate. So, I like planting my wildflowers in October..but late November is just as well also. As long as the seeds like poppy seeds have enough of a cold snap.
I noticed that I did have some new poppy seedlings coming up in the garden the other day.
hopefully they will last through the winter and give a good show come Spring/early Summer.
I still have some blanket flowers blooming and a few roses that had started blooming in the cottage area.
The roses were to all be transplanted to the new flower bed, but some of them decided to start putting on quite the show, so I'll wait until after they are flowering to transplant.
I did manage to also get a few bags of toys and a bag of other items hauled to the thrift shop today.
I am wanting to do a thorough purge out, never did get around to it like I had planned earlier this year.
So, I think around this time of year is a good time to purge unwanted items out.
Some days I honestly think that the Shakers and Amish have a good idea....Simplicity.
I sometimes tend to feel a "materialistic overload" at times. Items here and there..and sometimes feels like too many of when I start feeling like my life and house are getting's purge time.
I don't want to bother with garage sales the last one we had here was a nightmare.
We have an area in our driveway where you have to watch your step or you could trip(uneven pavement) and I kept telling folks "please watch your step"..well...
during our last sale no less than 5 patrons to the sale..said to me " you are warning me so that in case I did trip..I couldn't sue you!"
I kid you not..this happened at the least 5 times ..right after the other..I was like.."what??!" What is with these people??? "has our society become so sue happy that even a thing that used to be fun to do..a simple garage sale ..has now become a potential to be a law case?...No thank you!!!
So's ebay or simply donate..ha...Let the purging begin..:0)
Well...that's all for today folks.
Hope that you have all had a lovely day!
~The Garden Goose~


2 LMZ FARMS said...

Sounds like you have been busy!!! I imagine your house looks beautiful with all the decorations up. I like you sometimes look at the Amish and think how lucky and blessed they are. HMMMM.... a new saddle. Now that would be nice. You are close. You think you could drop a line to Santa and let him know I would like another Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Nancy Jo said...

You have been busy!! Did you get your tree up?
You asked where my blue birds came from. They are from the HALLMARK STORE.
OH and I saw those blue roasting pans at target the other day. I use mine all the time.

david mcmahon said...

Beautiful writing style. I enjoyed this post.

Here in Australia, it's also starting to look a lot like Christmas, even tho' it's almost summer!